BT Stock

Inventory stocks and loans management software


Intuitive and easy to use, BT Stock allows you to deal with physical flows of goods, consumables and any other type of companies products.

Don’t loose anymore time looking for goods. Every one is traceable et can be found in one only click.

BT Stock is designed to help you to easily follow your loans, returns of goods, serial numbers, goods inventory et so much more…

BT Stock software detailled product sheet

    BT Stock warehouse management software key assets :

    • Intuitive software
    • Pop up  window when late return of a good
    • Pop up window when minimum threshold  is reached
    • Can work  with a barcode reader to facilitate and  maximize search from database
    • Available for multi-user network
    • Customized developments depending on internal inventory management processes

    BT Stock software dedicated website

    If you want additional information on our stock and loans management software, we suggest you to visit the dedicated website: BT Stock.

    You will find relevant information regarding the solution.  You will also get the opportunity to download a free trial version.