Fit n’ Bio

Customer management Software for Gyms


Fit n’ Bio is a software for customers management in sports clubs or gyms. Efficient, complete and easy to manage, Fit n’ Bio is a essencial tool to optmize and administrate gyms. It has diferent modules, as the multiple inscription management, billing, schedule of payments, payouts, scheduling, booking, direct maketing and email support. besides other features that make Fit n’Bio a referral in this sector.

Furthermore, it’s completely suitable with MorphoAccess biometric range, produced by IDEMIA (ex Safran Morpho), World wide leader on the biometric field.

Software Fit n’ Bio’s detailled sheet 

  • Customer’s management
  • Intuitive and practical Software
  • Accounting
  • Booking schedule administration
  • Operation box
  • Marketing tools: statistic generator
  • Access control
  • Customizable development

Easy way of customer’s management

Complete client’s information sheet improved with picture to a fast access of client’s data.

Biometric readers management

-Easy access to readers’ data

-Registration / Activation / Deactivation of fingerprints

-Access control to the gym  (ex: automatic deactivation of member’s fingerprint in a defaulting payment

-Easy reintegration of old members

-Capability to unable fingerprint temporary or permanently

Operation Box Control

-Integration of real box module for administration and workflow of products

-Payouts through prepaid accounts: Cashless solution in which clients pay without credit cards, fingerprint and bank account easy integration

Booking Schedule Administration

-Reservations cans be done: fields, gym, pool, coach

-Client’s registration

-Automatic use of booking tickets for specific classes

– Booking by phone

-Allocations of different classes for customers

Data Management

-Billing copy print/ List of payments

-Print members’ data

-Subscription agreement

Technical Characteristics

Suitable with Windows® XP SP3, VISTA

Windows® Server 2003, Windows® Server 2008, Windows® Server 2012

Windows® 7

Processor Intel i5, i7

6 Go RAM

10 Go of disk space

2 USB port availables

Graphical chart DirectX 10

CD-ROM reader


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