Morpho Identix

Full ID document authentication solution


Verifying a document authenticity is more than ever a important challenge. Identity documents authentication enables not only to register an individual to a service but also to prevent from identity theft.

Morpho Identix is a combination of new generation software and document scanners. (passports, national ID cards, visas, immigration cards and driving licenses), from all around the world.

Control process is made within few seconds, by reading the document on the sensor. It’s fully automatic, accurate and reliable. Identix is able to check thousands of international ID and travel documents.

Technically speaking, this document authentication solution is able to extract and analyze  images from a document and applies authentication rules based on the type, version, country of origin in order to seek and check security features and details which can only be found on a genuine document.

Parameters can be adapted to national and international laws. Easy to use solution, no training required

Morpho Identix detailled product sheet information

  • Morpho Identix



  • Reads thousands of international travel and identity documents. Documents are read and processed in only a few seconds
  • Checks security features in different light sources such as visible, UV and IR
  • Easy to use, automatically informs operators in case of alert, no training required
  • Numerous data sorting, archiving and report run options to meet country privacy and data protection laws



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