Multi-biometric SDK from the World leader in biometric technologies, Safran Identity & Security


Morphokit SDK has been designed at first for fingerprint-based systems. It has been enriched by the latest algorithms for 2D facial and iris recognition.

This software kit development is at integrators’ disposal to design high level of security, accuracy and performance solutions. It give access to three biometric technologies (Fingerprint, Face and Iris) worldwide approved by high institutions such as the FBI.

MorphoKit detailled product sheet information

    Key points of MorphoKit SDK
  • Multibiometrics enrolment : Fingerprint, face and iris
  • Support any MorphoSmart™, BTO 500 and the contactless MorphoWave Desktop sensor
  • Multibiometric modalities: Fingerprint, Face, Iris
    • Image coding
    • One-to-One Authentication
    • One-to-Many Identification up to 1:50,000 users
  • Addiotional fingerprint features
    • MINEX and FIPS 201 certified Feature Extractor and Matcher
    • FBI approved WSQ Compression algorithm
    • Generation of  ISO 19794-2, ANSI/INCITS 378 standard templates and Morpho proprietary ones
    • CBEFF exchange format generation
    • Fake Finger Detection interface
    • Supports any MorphoSmart device, the BTO 500 and the MorphoWave Desktop touchless sensor
  • Software specifications
    • Interfaces: Native C/C++, .NET wrapper, Java wrapper
    • Operating Systems: Windows and Linux

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