Accessories and options

Accessories and options for biometric readers: greater efficiency !


Fore greater efficiency and convenience, our products can come with accessories and useful options.

Accessories for MorphoAccess® Sigma Lite Series

The MorphoAccess Sigma Lite reader can be supplied with a protective housing made of stainless steel. This is a good solution to extend the device lifetime.
We also offer a spacer for this product, to perfect its fixation and simplify its use. A desk stand for Sigma Lite is also available for enrolment or showroom purposes.

Accessories for MorphoWave™ Compact

Our Morphowave Compact can be supplied with a pedestal for greater comfort. The device is placed on the top of the pedestal, in order to have it at man’s height, for better convenience. To complete this product, there is also a spacer : to hide the cables inside to simplify the installation on solid walls such as load-bearing pillars or marble for example.

The MorphoWave Compact can be protected with a stainless steel cover and a visor for outdoor installations, where the device is exposed to rain or sunlight.

Accessories for MorphoAccess® Sigma Extreme

The MorphoAccess® Sigma Extreme can be supplied with a tailor-made protective housing made of stainless steel. Perfect solution to extend its lifetime.

Accessories for MorphoAccess Sigma

The MorphoAccess Sigma is available with a protective housing.

Accessories for MorphoAccess VP Series

The MorphoAccess VP Series product has a stainless steel protective housing.

Accessories for MorphoTablet

The MorphoTablet is available with a protective housing to extend its life, a desk stand and a stylus for optimal ergonomics and ease of use.

Accessories for VisionPass

VisionPass is available with a desk stand for greater comfort.

Detailled description

Accessories/Options : Available for :
Spacers MorphoWave™ Compact

MorphoAccess® Sigma Lite Series

Pedestal MorphoWave™ Compact
Stainless steel housing MorphoAccess® Sigma Lite Series

MorphoAccess® Sigma

MorphoAccess® Sigma Extreme

MorphoAccess® VP Series

MorphoWave™ Compact

Desk stand MorphoAccess® Sigma Lite Series



Stylus MorphoTablet
Protection MorphoTablet
Visor MorphoWave™ Compact

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