Augmented Vision

Real-time video analytics and access control solution


Strict preventive measures are increasing in public and private places. Thus, the need for real-time security is also increasing. Being able to predict incidents and reduce response time when needed ensures the safety of customers and staff.

Augmented Vision is a real-time video analytics solution that optimizes the use of existing CCTV cameras to alert security personnel when people of interest appear (known, missing, VIP, suspicious …) . It is also a facial recognition access control solution for staff and visitors.

The use of this device allows security teams to act when and where necessary rather than just monitor screens.

Augmented Vision’s real-time video analytics capabilities allow:

  • to detect known, vulnerable, missing persons or persons of interest
  • give employees access to buildings or areas requiring authorized access
  • identify and manage VIP traffic

Augmented Vision software detailled product sheet information



  • Integrable with ease : Using Open API standards, solution providers can easily integrate Augmented Vision with other systems that manage videos, customer relationships and security, including access control.
  • Easy to implement : Augmented Vision uses everyday off-the-shelf hardware, including IP cameras, networks, servers, and possibly, existing infrastructure.
  • Scalable : Augmented Vision caters to a wide range of configurations, adapting to local deployment conditions and requirements. It has a centralized or distributed
    architecture that can support multiple sites.
  • Adaptable : The easy-to-use interface meets the needs of the customer at the touch of a button. This simple design and execution functionality enables customers to use Augmented Vision without any complex processes or time-consuming training sessions.

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