Morphosmart SDK

A simple SDK to develop any kind of application with MorphoSmart™ sensors


The MorphoSmart SDK enable to easily integrate MorphoSmart sensors into any PC applications, platform embedded or mobile applications and use the most of their firmware embedded capabilities.

Safran software kit development tools are a mean for integrators to benefit from the best biometrics into their own applications. Physical or logical access control, time attendance, online payment…multitude of applications nowadays require biometric recognition to reinforce security.

It is available for Windows, Linux and Android Platforms.

MorphoSmart SDK detailled datasheet

    MorphoSmart sdk key features
  • High quality vein/fingerprint enrolment.
  • Card encoding integrated with most of the market contactless technologies
  • MorphoAccess et MorphoSmart readers / sensors management
  •  FIPS and MINEX internal algorithms

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