MORPHOSMART 1350 ypsID + ypsID Smartcard

High security fingerprint + smartcard sensor

Secured logon to Windows workstations and data encryption


MorphoSmart sensors are small USB biometric devices used for enrolment, authentication and user identification. They are embedded with a high optical technology and Morpho’s last algorithms. They are strengh and of high performance. The MSO 1350 has a large enrolment surface which enables to get a high quality fingerprint.

The MSO 1350 Ypsid is different than the others MSOs  in the way that it is more secured.

This sensor is able to read and uncrypt ypsID cards, i.e. the best secured cards available on the market. It enables to meet security, traceability and individual data protection

The ypsID smartcards are based on a high secured and high certified authentication mechanisms to resist cyber-attacks.

With the combination of Idemia’s MSO 1350 technology  and this type of smartcard, companies can face today’s imperatives in terms of responsability, confidentiality and users private life.

This high secured smartcard is supplied with a middleware able to realize a reliable signature by the implementation of a securized canal between the application and the card.

Regarding the administration and use, it’s a multifactors solution. Card possession, password and/or fingerprint checking. This “Match-On-Card” process is also certified since the authentication is performed inside the card.

MorphoSmart 1350 ypsID + ypsID smartcard detailled datasheet

MorphoSmart 1350 - MorphoSmart MSO 1350 ypsID + ypsID SmartCard

MSO 1350 + carte ypsID key features

  • Unlock with fingerprint
  • OTP for nomade access
  • Local computer securization, intranet and wi-fi
  • Offices access control
  • Securized email
  • Legal documents signatures
  • FIPS 140-2 level 3 and EAL5+ certifications


MPH-SE002B 293561604
MPH-SE002B 293686542

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