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Article 26 : ID Screen une puissante tablette biométrique 3ème génération

ID Screen is the third generation of multi-application biometric tablet from IDEMIA, the world leader in the sector. What’s new? We present to you, once again, the key features of this tool. A multi-faceted and secure biometric tablet This powerful tablet expects to handle most imaginable use cases you might face. It combines both fingerprint […]

Article 25 : IDEMIA va doter le Chili de pièces d'identité nouvelle génération pour les 10 prochaines années

Some of the most secure IDs and passports in the world will soon be in Chile. The country has just awarded IDEMIA the contract to supply and modernize its legal documents for the next ten years. With the integration of the latest biometric and cryptographic technologies, Chileans will have unique, tamper-proof and totally secure documents. […]

Article 24 : Focus sur les lecteurs biométriques sans contact

Contactless biometric readers ensure reliable and efficient identification of users. By scanning fingerprints or facial recognition, they control access to a site in less than a second. Contactless biometric readers: the new wave of digital identification Entrance to a stadium, registration in a trade show or employee access to a company, biometrics are everywhere. By […]