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Article 27 : IziTime, le logiciel de gestion de temps full-web

The optimization of a team’s working time and the improvement company’s performance are the concerns of any business leader. The time has not yet come when your hologram will be behind each of your employees to ensure their productivity, punctuality or seriousness. For the moment, the tools available to you on the market are time […]

Article 28 : Avec IDEMIA la voiture devient plus intelligente

IDEMIA is constantly working to develop innovative technologies. The development of the systems makes it possible to ensure automotive connectivity thanks to WI-FI. The new eSIM, DAKOTA v4.2.1 N, improves security as well as driving comfort. Enhanced security Automotive connectivity helps improve your safety and that of your vehicle. IDEMIA secures access to your vehicle […]

Article 26 : ID Screen une puissante tablette biométrique 3ème génération

ID Screen is the third generation of multi-application biometric tablet from IDEMIA, the world leader in the sector. What’s new? We present to you, once again, the key features of this tool. A multi-faceted and secure biometric tablet This powerful tablet expects to handle most imaginable use cases you might face. It combines both fingerprint […]