MorphoAccess Sigma Extreme Series

Fingerprint terminal for harsh operating conditions


The MorphoAccess® SIGMA Extreme comes to complement the Sigma Family. Its special characteristic? it’s a strong and powerful biometric reader. In addition to all existing features of Sigma readers (webserver, cards readers, function keys for time & attendance, fake finger detection…), the Sigma Extreme has been designed to work in harsh environments and under difficult weather conditions, or subjected to a special working conditions ( dust, salt mist, tough manual workplaces, etc.).

The Sigma Extreme biometric reader is able to secure any kind of places or installations, indoor and especcially outdoor, and still keeping the best from the World’s most accurate fingerprint technology.

Among the main features of this new reader, we can underline its robustness, even with a large tactile screen, this fingerprint reader has been certified IK09 and IP65, its enclosure front and rear have been sealed and impermeable to dust and water.

Main features

  • World’s 1st fingerprint technology: performance and accuracy, despite the number of users
  • Anti-fraude functions: fake finger detection, face detection, duress finger, banned user lists…
  • Time & Attendance functions: 16 programmable function keys to turn the reader into a time clock, timezone management, logs…
  • Videophone: built-in camera, speaker, microphone, standard IP-based audio/video interface, security post
  • Embedded webserver: such as every other Sigma readers, connection by Ethernet or Wifi to a laptop, tablet, smartphone to configure the reader, enroll users….

MorphoAccess Sigma Extreme detailled product sheet information




  • Still the world’s 1st fingerprint technology
    • Morpho fingerprint technology ranked #1 by NIST for accuracy
    • Extendable identification capacity: 1:5K(default), 1:10K, 1:50K or 1:100K users, with
    genuine matching(1)
    • 1:100K identification in less than 1 second (for frequent users)
    • Accuracy maintained regardless of number of users
  • Anti-Fraud features
    • Patented, BSI(2) certified electro-optical Fake Finger Detection technology (option)
    • Face detection and picture logging
    • Duress finger option
    • Timed anti-pass back function(3)
    • Banned/authorized user lists
    • Tamper switches
  • Time & Attendance functions
    • Touchscreen Time Clock, featuring 16 programmable function keys
    • Access time slots and holidays scheduling
    • Accurate clock in/out records (up to 1 Million logs storage capacity)
    • Real-time employee notifications
    • Job Code management
  • Videophone
    •Built-in camera, speaker and microphone
    • Standard IP-based audio/video interface
    • Use cases:
    – Call-in function: e.g. employees can quickly
    report a problem right from the Time Clock
    – Surveillance: the terminal can be used by
    security staff to get pictures remotely from the
    security post
  • Embedded webserver
    • After connection (via Ethernet or optionalWi-Fi) to a laptop, tablet or smartphone, it enables administrator to:
    • Trigger on-device enrollment (enrollment on product touchscreen is also available)
    • Configure product (full settings)
    • Get transaction logs
  • Flexible architecture
    • Prox®, iClass® or MIFARE®/DESFire®/NFC(4) contactless card reader as an option
    • Various software integration options:
    – ILV or Thrift commands at low protocol level
    Morpho Integrator’s Kit (MIK) at SDK component level
    MorphoManager at application level
Processor ARM® Cortex™-A9 core 1GHz
Image and sound 5” WVGA color capacitive touchscreen with
ambient light sensor

Front camera for face picture capture and
Loudspeaker & microphone
Audio & video player

Card readers (options) Prox®
Database / storage 512MB Flash, 1GB
RAM + 8GB microSD Card
5000 user records (2 fingers + 1 duress
each), extendable up to 100,000 with licenses
250,000 IDs in authorized user list
1 Million transaction logs
10,000 face picture logs
In / Out Wiegand In & Out (customizable up to 512
bits), Door Relay, 3 GPI (including Door
monitoring), 3 GPO
Protection rating IK09
Power supply 12 to 24 V DC (1A min @12V)
Power over Ethernet (PoE) – Compatible
with PoE+ switches
Network / communication Ethernet, RS485, RS422, USB
Wi-Fi option
Security Anti intrusion et anti tear
Dimensions / Weight LxHxP = 142*301*97 mm
Weight: ~1.6kg
Operating conditions Temperature : -20°C à 60°C
Humidity : 10% à 95% (non condensing)
EMC / Safety standard CE, CB, FCC
Compliance RoHS, REACh and WEEE
Optical sensor FBI PIV IQS certified optical fingerprint

MorphoAccess SIGMA EXTREME assets:

  • Tough housing
    • Polycarbonate (PC) strong plastics
    • Minimum thickness of 3.5 mm (0.14 in.)
    • Resistant to UV and weathering (UL 746C f1 rated)
    • Dirt-repellent grained texture
  • Tempered glass
    • 3.8 mm (0.15 in.) thick
  • Tough housing
    • Very bright capacitive touchscreen, equipped with an ambient light sensor
    that automatically adjusts the display illumination
    • Powerful loudspeaker suited to noisy environments
  • Field-proven sensor
    • Largest single fingerprint optical sensor on the market (23×23 mm)
    • FBI PIV IQS certified
    • Widely deployed in harsh environments (mines, seaports, etc.)
  • Meticulous sealing
    • Screwed, sealed back panel protects electronics
    • Fixed cable glands protect wiring
    • Widely deployed in harsh environments (mines, seaports, etc.)
    • Sturdy wall mounting
      • Thick wall plate (3.5 to 11.4 mm / 0.14 to 0.45 in.), fixed with 6 peripheral screws (recommended, also compatible with standard electrical boxes)
      • Ingenious, symmetrical lift-and-rotate opening mechanism enables easy in place maintenance
      • 4 lateral hanging pins + 2 bottom fastening screws
      • Withstands a load > 50 kg (110 lb.) vertically and horizontally Largest single fingerprint optical sensor on the market (23×23 mm)

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