MorphoWave Desktop

Biometric sensor from Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho)’s range


The MorphoWave Desktop is a contactless fingerprint device. Innovative solution able to capture four fingers images simultaneously  with a single hand movement, in less than a second. The user can stay “on the move” during fingerprint capture.

That makes this reader perfectly suited for high traffic environments.

The MorphoWave Desktop is also designed to meet the challenge of dry and wet fingers, and, as a touchless technology, hygiene issues. Time of capture is considerably reduced, and results are excellent.

MorphoWave Desktop detailled product sheet information

MorphoWave Desktop key features

  • Easy to use
    • Able to capture four fingerprints in one hand movement
    • Fingerprint acquisition in less than one second
  • Acquisition quality
    • No more issues with dry and wet fingers
    • Touchless: no ghost images left on the scanner
  • Benefits
    • Solve hygiene and cultural concern
    • Reduces bottlenecs high traffic areas
  • Sécurity
    • High accuracy
    • Robust despite external light and dust

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