Definition, principle and assets ? What does biometrics mean?


Biometrics relies on measuring unique morphological characteristics of an individual. This advanced technology has become in a few years the most reliable means of recognition for  an individual.

It replaces or strengthens key devices or badges that may present security flaws.

To find out more on the topics, see our special dictionary of biometrics. It includes all the vocabulary associated with biometrics.

Principle and details

It was only used in large institutions such as the Army, or Secret Service around the world, Biometrics has now spread across organizations and is now accessible for all professionals and individuals. More and more businesses, regardless of their size and business reinforce their security and optimize their human resources by installing biometric devices. Biotime Technologies has partnered with the world’s leading manufacturer Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho) which has expertise in the following areas:

  • Access Control: professional or commercial premises, storage locations, Laboratories, Banks, Safes, Hospitals …
  • Working-hours Management and corporate Score: Industries, SMEs, associations, schools, stores … biometrics will easily communicate with an attendance management software.
  • Management of membership gyms: Fitness Centers, Sports Clubs, Fitness Clubs … Biometrics replaces expensive badges and enables members to visit their club with ease!
  • Computer Security: Security servers, computers, networks … Data security has become a major economic issue in recent years, it is vital to protect them.
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