Morphosmart Séries CBM V3 / E3 OEM

Modules from Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho)’s range


Morpho makes its CBM V3 / E3 OEM modules available for any integrators who wants to add biometrics in their application, software, readers. They can use the benefits of fingerprint or multimodal recognition for their own applications. CBM V3 / E3 OEM modules are ready to be embedded so it’s not necessary to have biometric knowledge. Last years, the biometric technology has been added in a many application such as:

  • ATMs,
  • Kiosks and vending machines
  • Access control devices
  • Time & attendance terminals
  • Keyboards
  • Printers
  • PoS terminals
  • Mobile devices and smartphones
  • Safes and locker systems
  • Voting machines, etc.

Morphosmart CBM V3 / E3 OEM Series is a flexible and cost effective solution for fast and highly secured processing of images acquisition.

MSO CBM V3 / E3 OEM use patented optical technology and biometric algorithms. Both are internationally acknowledged for their high level of performance. Morpho’s performances have been certified at the highest international levels (FBI, Indian STQC, BSI).

MorphoSmart CBM V3 / E3 OEM series detailled datasheet


MorphoSmart CBM V3 / E3 OEM key assets

  • The most compact optical modules you can find on the market
  • Easy integration of biometric functions into any type of applications
  • High quality fingerprint acquisition
  • Embedded processing capabilities : MINEX compliant Coder & Matcher inside
  • FBI PIV IQS certification and fake finger detection available on version CBM V3 / E3 OEM
  • Extensive security features, including encryption and digital signature
  • Available SDK for Windows, Linux and Android
  • High performance sensor: 500 dpi, 256 grey levels
  • Large capture area: 14 x 22mm
  • Dimensions: 13,65 x 53,7 x 33,7mm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Image Compression: uses WSQ algorithm from FBI/NIST
  • MINEX/FIPS 201 standards
  • CBM’s internal database can store up to 10 000 templates
  • 1:1 authentication or 1:N identification (up to N = 5000 users)
  • High accuracy: the false acceptance rate (FAR) is configurable down to 10-8 (depending on the security requirements) and maintained regardless of number of users in database
  • Fast matching
  • Capable of addressing juvenile fingers

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