MorphoSmart 300

Fingerprint sensor from Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho)’s range


MorphoSmart devices are small USB biometric sensors of high quality which enable to enrol, authenticate and identify users. The MorphoSmart 300 (MSO 300) is a multi application fingerprint sensors able to capture high quality fingerprints, encode biometric patterns and compare uses (authentication and identification).

They can be used in government institutions as well as industrial or commercial companies. They  are suitable for any environment and users (young, elderly, handymen…)

The fingerprint capture is reinforced by a large surface of capture.

MorphoSmart 300 detailled product sheet information

MorphoSmart 300 key features

  • High image quality thanks to a large capture surface area
  • All-in-one sensor with fingerprints encryption and comparison algorithms, embedded database.
  • Multi applications:enrolment, comparison with internal or distant data
  • High capacity database (up to 5000 users)
  • Fake finger detection on the MSO301
  • All type of users (young, elderly, hand workers…)
  • Various certifications; PIV IQS from the FBI, FIPS 201…



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