MorphoAccess 500 Series

Biometric reader from Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho)’s range


The MorphoAccess 500 Series is a high quality biometric reader designed for physical access control and time attendance.

With MIFARE DESFire® card reader / encoder  (AD 520 and 521 ), keypad and LCD screen, it can easily work as a standalone machine.

It allows a multimodal authentication ( fingerprint and / or card and / or PIN code).

The MorphoAccess 500 series can be declined in multiple versions, indoor or outdoor ( OMA520 ) , integrating card reader or not , fake finger detection or not ( see Table tab “versions” ) . High storage capacity up to 50,000 users, POE power supply via RJ45 and PIV IQS certified by the FBI are all assets that make the MorphoAccess 500 Series one of the most deployed biometric terminals in the world.

Morphoaccess 500 detailled product sheet information

MorphoAccess 500 Series key features :

  • Fingerprint device for access control and time attendance
  • Fast, accurate, reliable
  • Multifactor authentication and :N identification
  • Up to 50.000 users in 1:N mode
  • Easy integration into existing systems with Wiegand / DataClock
  • Power-Over-Ethernet (POE)
  • MIFARE® and DESFire® contactless card reader/encoder (optional)
  • Wireless LAN (optional)
  • IP 65 outdoor version : OMA520 +D



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