MorphoAccess 500 Series

Biometric reader from Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho)’s range


The MorphoAccess 500 Series is a high quality biometric reader designed for physical access control and time attendance.

With MIFARE DESFire® card reader / encoder  (AD 520 and 521 ), keypad and LCD screen, it can easily work as a standalone machine.

It allows a multimodal authentication ( fingerprint and / or card and / or PIN code).

The MorphoAccess 500 series can be declined in multiple versions, indoor or outdoor ( OMA520 ) , integrating card reader or not , fake finger detection or not ( see Table tab “versions” ) . High storage capacity up to 50,000 users, POE power supply via RJ45 and PIV IQS certified by the FBI are all assets that make the MorphoAccess 500 Series one of the most deployed biometric terminals in the world.

Morphoaccess 500 detailled product sheet information


MorphoAccess 500 Series key features :

  • Fingerprint device for access control and time attendance
  • Fast, accurate, reliable
  • Multifactor authentication and :N identification
  • Up to 50.000 users in 1:N mode
  • Easy integration into existing systems with Wiegand / DataClock
  • Power-Over-Ethernet (POE)
  • MIFARE® and DESFire® contactless card reader/encoder (optional)
  • Wireless LAN (optional)
  • IP 65 outdoor version : OMA520 +D

MorphoAccess 500 Series technical features  :

Processor – Dual-core ARM 9 microprocessors with
multi thread processing capability
Biometric sensor – Integrated 500 dpi MorphoSmart™
optical sensor 23x23mm
Contactless card reader MIFARE® (1K, 4K) and DESFire® (2K, 4K, 8K)
Database From 3,000 to 50,000 users, two fingerprint
templates each, distributed in five
databases of 10.000 users each (50,000
users capacity with MA-Xtended license)
Biometric perfomances 0,6 s in authentication 1:1 ; 0,8 s in identification 1:500
FAR from 10-2 à 10-8
Reader – Backlit LCD graphical display
128×64 pixels
– Backlit keypad with 12 Keys
+ 4 programmable function keys
– Buzzer and bi-color LED
Modes de fonctionnement Autonome, Proxy ou en réseau
Interfaces – Communication port for identifier management:
customizable Wiegand IN & OUT,
RS 422, RS 485, Clock & Data IN & OUT,
Ethernet (10/100 Base T), Wi-Fi (optional)
– USB port
Security – SSL on TCP/IP network
– Secure screws, antitheft and anti-tamper
Power supply 9V to 16V (350mA typical @ 12V) or Power
Over Ethernet (POE)
Physical characteristics – Dimensions: 155x155x74mm
– Weight: 0.8kg
Environnement -10° to +50° C,
10% < RH < 80%
Certifications – FBI PIV IQS*
– Complies with CE, FCC and RoHS standards
PC Applications MorphoAccess Enrolment & Management System (MEMS) Morpho Integrator’s Kit (MIK)

MorphoAccess 500 Series assets :

The know how of the world number 1: Morpho

  • Equipped with a wide area sensor, accurate, high definition fingerprint image acquisition
  • The terminal with highest level of security
  • Fast: 0.7 sec in authentication mode and 0.9 sec in 1:1000 identification mode
  • Accurate: False acceptance rate (FAR) can be configured down to 10-8
  • The highest database capacity on the market: up to 50,000 users with MA-Xtended license
  • Multifactor authentication: MIFARE® and DESFire® contactless card reader, fingerprint and PIN code
  • Standalone or networked modes.  Possible to capture fingerprints and encode badges directly by the terminal itself.
  • Numerous interfaces for easy integration into existing systems
  • Trusted and versatile
  • False finger detection with optronic sensor ( optional)
  • Software: MorphoAccess® Enrollment & Management System (MEMS) for centralized management (enrollment, terminals management, verification station)
  • Morpho Integrator’s Kit (MIK) and Software Development Kit (SDK) available to interface or develop.
MA 500+ MA 520+ D MA 521+ D
Fonction Identification Identification &Authentication Identification, authentication & fake finger detection
Contactless reader MIFARE® 1K & 4K

DESFire® 2K, 4K, 8K

DESFire® 2K, 4K, 8K
Database size 3K ou 50K avec licence MA-Xtended 3K ou 50K with licence MA-Xtended 3K ou 50K with licence MA-Xtended
Multi-factor authentication BIO, PIN+BIO BIO, Carte, Carte+BIO, PIN+BIO, Carte+PIN, Carte+PIN+BIO, Carte+PIN+BIOPIN(*)

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