MorphoWave Tower + dFlow

 Secure, frictionless and high throughput access solution


The combination of IDEMIA’s MorphoWave Tower and Digicon’s dFlow is a big revolution and innovation in the access control area.

Indeed, in this brand new concept, access control is thought the opposite way. Instead of keeping doors locked and having them unlocked when a user is identified and allowed, those doors will remain “normally opened” and will closed only in case of failed authentication. This is a true innovation since nobody has to stop anymore when passing through control points.

This new vision of access control was thought and designed by Digicon whose technicality lies in the use of an overhead sensor that allows to have an almost infinite amount of sensors both in the vertical and horizontal planes.

Testings have been successful and confirm the high performance and security of this combination and new vision of access control.

MorphoWave Tower + dFlow detailled datasheet

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