Software solution for mobile access control


MorphoTablet Manager is an Android software suite for enrolment and biometric (face and fingerprint) identification. It works with the Morphotablet, mobile device from Morpho. This is THE reference in mobile and logical access control.

The MorphotTablet Manager software perfectly fits for easy, fast and accurate identity control. It can be used in any type of sectors: bank, medical, hospital, transportation, civil services.

Main asset of MorphoTablet Manager, the relationship with the one and only mobile biometric device, the MorphoTablet, recently launched on the market by the number one in biometrics, Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho).

MorphoTablet Manager app key features:

  • Enrollment, identification (fingerprint only) et authentication (fingerprint + code/ID).
  • Users management: customer card with ID, group, civility, name, firstname, date of birth, address, zip code, city, phone, email address, picture, notes
  • Documents and signatures management: Add a document to a customer card
  • Data export to CSV: logs and users list

Use cases:

  • Bank sector: customer’s accounts creation, outside or inside the bank
  • Public service: demographic data management,census
  • Medical and hospital: patients identification to make sure of good treatment and dematerialize interventions
  • Transport: Identify the recipient…

MorphoTablet Manager can be developped for further uses

MorphoTablet Manager

MORPHOTABLET MANAGER detailled product sheet information

  • Enrolment, identification and authentication by fingerprint, facial recognition or card
  • Mobil logical access control
  • Multiple uses: demographical census ,elections, bank sector, medical, transport, civil services…
  • Works with the MorphoTablet, mobile device from Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho)

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