All range of biometric sensors available at Biotime Technology

A wide range of sensors

Biotime Technology is a distributor of Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho)’s biometrics, the world leading manufacturer of biometrics. You will find below all range of biometric sensors, available for sale rapidly.

You’re looking for biometric sensors able to capture a fingerprint, quickly, easily and without failing?

Morpho’s sensors are strong, accurate and most of all reliable.

They can be used as enrolment station throught USB or for development with any software applications.

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MorphoSmart sensors can be used as “desk” enrolment for MorphoAccess readers to make fingerprints management easier.

Indeed, the enrolment is make at the administrator’s computer, then fingerprints are registered in the MEMS or MORPHOMANAGER software, and finally transfered in mass to the corresponding reader.

Biotime Technology can also provide, on request, any software development kit (SDK) to allow you to create your own apps working with these sensors. (Logical access control, online payment…)

MSO sensors have been approved several times, especcialy by the FBI. Performance and accuraccy have been highly appreciated. They are able to catch and analyze biometrics data such as fingerprint (MSO300 and MSO1300or vein (MSO FVP).