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BTManager is a full web time and attendance software, available online and on any type of terminals (PC, MAC, Tablets, Smartphones)

With many years of experience around time attendance systems, Biotime Technology offers its partners expertise and knowledge to control the most complex time attendance projects.

BTManager is compatible with any MorphoAccess biometric device or Handpunch and with proximity cards time clocks. BTManager has multiple features and settings to customize with accuracy and optimize your HR management.

Schedule management (fixed, variable or random), rotation cycles, absences (holidays, disease,…) with custom counters, balance management, auto-increment : These are just few features available for this full and intuitive attendance solution.

BTManager detailled product sheet information

  • Time professional Management and full
  • Interfaced with any MorphoAccess biometric range and Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho) MorphoSmart
  • Many interfaces with existing payroll software
  • Web interface enable to use all existing operating systems (PC, Mac , Tablets, Smartphones)
  • Accessible everywhere , wherever you are (on web version)
  • SQL Database
  • Compatible with Handpunch,  MorphoAccess biometric devices and with proximity cards time clocks

More information

BTManager Time clock is an intuitive and very functional software solution.

Indeed, references as french E.LECLERC centers are equipped with it. Customers are mostly middle sized companies  who want to manage working time and absences of their collaborators.

BTManager Web is mainly coupled with  cards time clocks and biometric devices to automate processes.

Optimization of time management in companies is crucial for better overall ressources efficiency. Nowadays, many tools like collaborative planning (schedules) enable to optimize the working time of employees as well as biometric or cards time clock.

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