Full-web time and attendance software


Izitime is a full-web time attendance software (Saas), available on all devices (computer, smartphone …), all you need is an internet connection.

Far from overly complex solutions that include too many unnecessary options, Izitime aims to be sleek, fluid, intuitive and simplified while offering all the essential features for full time management, meeting the main needs of companies.

In addition, this time management solution is embedded with the latest readers from the IDEMIA biometric range, world leader in biometric technologies. To clock-in, you will have the choice between the contactless range (VisionPass and Morphowave) or classic range with the fingerprint and badge readers from the Sigma range (Sigma Lite Plus, Sigma, Sigma Extreme).

Izitime allows employee management (files, planning …), schedules management (fixed, variable, rotations …). It also allows you to edit all types of reports, in several formats (CSV, Excel, TXT …) in order to export them to third-party software. (Payroll software for example).

Finally, and this is an important point by the time being when teleworking has become widespread, it is possible to remotely clock-in (with the authorization of the department head).

IziTime detailled product sheet information

  • Time attendance full-web software
  • Embedded with IDEMIA range of biometric and card readers
  • Available on all devices : desktop, mobile, tablet
  • Employee management
  • Schedule management
  • Remote clock-in
  • Enrolment and card encoding
  • Reports

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