MorphoSmart Finger VP

Biometric sensor from Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho)’s range


The MorphoSmart Finger VP (MSO FVP) is an hybride biometric sensor, embedded with veinous and fingerprint technologies.

As well as MSO 1300 and MSO 300, it enables to enrol users directly from the host computer. It can also be used in any other type of desktop applications.

The Finger VP MorphoSmart  is the first mulitmodal sensor able to deal with both veinous and fingerprint data. This hybrid ability makes it performant and highly accurate. It’s one of the most secure sensor in the world. It can easily fit for logical access control or other type (identity control, secured payment…)

Besides, the MSO FVP is a universal tool (able to enrol any type of users) and intuitive.

MorphoSmart Finger VP detailled product sheet information

MorphoSmart Finger VP key features

  • Successful alliance between two biometric technologies for higher security.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Universal and intuitive device
  • Autonomous biometric reader
  • High accuracy in identification and enrolment
  • High capacity database
  • Against cheating
  • Enrolment failure rate reduced substantialy
  • Certifications: PIV IQS from the FBI



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