Morphosmart OEM

OEM module from Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho)’s range


OEM Fingerprint sensors of the world leader in biometrics, Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho), enable integrators, physical or logical access control devices manufacturers to incorporate biometric recognition to their own applications.

In recent years, we can see the multiplication of solutions incorporating biometrics as identification or authentication solution.

Indeed, biometrics is a mean of recognition which enable to ensure  a better security, speed up and simplify process. Here is a partial list of application fields :

  • ATM
  • Distributors of drinks and other food products
  • Readers for the management of working time
  • Readers to manage access
  • The phones, smartphones
  • Computers (eg keyboard with fingerprint sensor )
  • bank payment systems
  • Safes

Morpho’s OEM demonstrate unparalleled performance in the world and are certified by major international agencies (FBI, STQC, BSI)

Patented optical technology and latest algorithms of Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho) R & D .

Morpho Fingerprint technology is ranked n°1 by NIST thanks to its unparalleled accuracy.

MorphoSmart OEM detailled datasheet


OEM MorphoSmart key assets :

  • Fast authentication / Identification
  • High performance optical sensor
  • Certification: FBI PVI IQS
  • Fingerprint Generator and comparator approved by FIPS 201
  • Advanced enrollment
  • Inteligent module allowing fast integration of biometric functions in any type of applications requiring high security level
  • Acquisition of high quality contrast image
  • Fast processing, checking , and fingerprint identification
  • Applications:
    • Registration : identity cards, voter cards, visas, access control
    • Verification: identity in a mobile terminal, PC, TPE, ATM …
    • Enrollment station : control readers for physical access or management of working time
  • Fast authentication (0.8 sec) Identification (0.9 sec for 500 users)
  • Optical sensor certified by FBI PIV IQS (500dpi)
  • Large capture area : 23mm x 23mm
  • Fingerprint Generator and comparator approved by FIPS 201 – – Large database : 10 000 fingerprints
  • FAR adjustable up to 10-8
  • High accuracy even on young fingers
  • Robustness: the optical sensor technology increases the lifetime and resistance to electrostatic discharges, scratches and shocks.
  • Resistance : dust and water so possibility integration with an IP65 biometric readers
  • Two communication protocols: RS232 and USB
  • Versatile device : enrollment and identification
  • Security Option: MSO OEM combines with a single sensor the biometric authentication technology and the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to provide a real security solution. Compatible PKI X.509
  • Available SDK : application development thanks to the DLL available on Windows platforms

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