Article 26 : ID Screen une puissante tablette biométrique 3ème génération

ID Screen is the third generation of multi-application biometric tablet from IDEMIA, the world leader in the sector. What’s new? We present to you, once again, the key features of this tool.

A multi-faceted and secure biometric tablet

This powerful tablet expects to handle most imaginable use cases you might face. It combines both fingerprint reading, digital identity creation and document verification.

It stands out in particular for its possible use of contactless technology for reading electronic identity documents. Consequently, ID Screen ensures checks that are both simple to perform and just as secure, since the information cannot be copied or falsified, which guarantees that the user is who he claims to be.

In which cases to use it?

Wondering in which cases we recommend using ID Screen? For example, it is ideal for access controls where it is necessary to authenticate people at a point of entry, such as identity verification at the border, or during an electoral vote. Of course, it could also be used to identify customers or even patients.

Even in demanding environments you can use this tablet. Thanks to its powerful battery and its Quad Core 2 GHz processor, it allows you a quality and long-lasting use.

Want comfort? In addition to being easy to use, this mobile tool has an 8-inch touch screen display that provides users with clear visuals and easy readability from all angles. Easy to grip, you can use it for a long time without getting tired.

Are you interested in this new generation biometric tablet? If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Article 25 : IDEMIA va doter le Chili de pièces d'identité nouvelle génération pour les 10 prochaines années

Some of the most secure IDs and passports in the world will soon be in Chile. The country has just awarded IDEMIA the contract to supply and modernize its legal documents for the next ten years. With the integration of the latest biometric and cryptographic technologies, Chileans will have unique, tamper-proof and totally secure documents. Another novelty: the creation of a digital title for each citizen.

New generation identity documents and passports

The new Chilean civil status and travel documents will incorporate the latest technological developments in the field of biometrics. To fingerprints and facial recognition will be added iris recognition. The combination of these three identification systems will raise the level of security to the highest standards on the market.

This performance is made possible thanks to recent developments in the automated biometric identification system developed by IDEMIA, known as the “Biometric Recognition System” (IBRS). This guarantees that each citizen has a legal, unique and secure civil status document, valid throughout life.

Another feature of these future cards and passports: visually impaired people will be able to use them thanks to an application that uses voice assistance to reproduce the data. They will have documents with their initials in Braille.

A digital identity for every citizen

The signed contract also includes a digital title. The goal? Enable all Chilean citizens to have secure access to online services from the public and private sectors (telemedicine services, transport reservations).

Chileans will also be able to securely communicate certain identity attributes for verification purposes on the Internet.

With this new contract, IDEMIA continues to support Chile in its digital transformation. A great way to celebrate 30 years of a solid and trusting partnership.

Article 24 : Focus sur les lecteurs biométriques sans contact

Contactless biometric readers ensure reliable and efficient identification of users. By scanning fingerprints or facial recognition, they control access to a site in less than a second.

Contactless biometric readers: the new wave of digital identification

Entrance to a stadium, registration in a trade show or employee access to a company, biometrics are everywhere. By securing sensitive or very busy places, biometric technology reassures users. It facilitates their identification and the management of their personal data.

Idemia, world leader in the sector, is constantly innovating to facilitate the user experience. The “on the fly” biometric reader can recognize a person in less than a second by simply waving the hand in front of the screen. Four fingerprints are stored and compared to a database of more than 10,000 (MorphoWave™ SP) or 100,000 users (MorphoWave™ XP).

Contactless biometrics are revolutionizing access control. Compact and lightweight, the enclosures can be installed anywhere, both indoor and outdoor. They allow users to scroll through smoothly, thus limiting queues. Airports, large companies, banks and health organizations are beginning to equip themselves.

Facial identification: cutting-edge biometrics technology

Facial recognition readers are at the cutting edge of biometric technology. Their high-performance optical systems guarantee instant face capture and identification for optimal security against attacks and risk of identity theft. The user is recognized whatever the angle of presentation, lighting, movements or accessories (glasses, change of hairstyle, helmet, etc.). Customers and institutions that have adopted VisionPass are protected and satisfied.

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Article 23 : Technologies de l'identité : Idemia partenaire de la Californie

IDEMIA, the world’s leading identity company, announced on March 8, 2022 that it had signed a contract with the State of California. The terms of this contract cover the provision of conventional driving licenses, as well as digital technologies to modernize the vehicle management department (VMD).

A partnership extended to driving licenses

The collaboration between these two entities is not new: IDEMIA has already been supplying physical identification documents and technological means to California for more than 64 years.

As part of this new contract, scheduled for 12 years, the identity leader will offer a new design for driving licenses, including enhanced security features that improve the user experience and limit fraud. The French company will also provide mobile tablets to reach residents living in isolated areas of the state. The new tools thus developed will be compatible with the “Cloud First” policy advocated in the United States since 2013.

Biometric technology at the service of users

Donnie Scott, General Manager of the company in North America, is delighted to be able to collaborate with an innovative and future-oriented state. Together, they will continue to develop new services for residents.

Like the State of California, every company can use biometrics to improve the security and development of its services. At Biotime Technology, we offer you the most innovative biometric solutions: readers, sensors and software. We support you in all stages, from the development of your project to after-sales service.

Do you want to secure access to your premises? Control the time management by a score of your employees? Manage your customers or subscribers safely and quickly? Contact us to bring biometric technology into your daily life.

Article 22 : Le MorphoWave SP, le lecteur biométrique sans contact dernière génération de chez IDEMIA

The MorphoWave SP is the latest model of contactless biometric reader from IDEMIA. This is the simplified version of MorphoWave XP (ex. MorphoWave Compact). Thanks to its state-of-the-art components, it is also able to read different types of proximity cards (Mifare, Desfire, HID Prox, iClass, SEOS) and on mobile (HID Mobile Access via BLE or NFC*)

An elegant and practical design

With its compact size, the MorphoWave SP can be used in different configurations: walls, turnstiles, gates… Its installation is easy, just fix its plate to a wall and you’re done! Maintenance is also easy, with a simplified wiring and connection system. The majority of access control platforms already take into account the MorphoWave SP thanks to the its Plug & Play technology. So you can install it and enjoy it now.

Revolutionary biometrics technology

The MorphoWave SP device is able to read and verify a person’s 4 fingerprints in less than a second. A feat that will allow companies to ensure their security and protect easily their premises.

It is also a good solution for workspaces with a large number of employees. The biometric reader works both indoors and outdoors, thanks to Visor Rain and Biotime protective covers. Thus, and even in the event of torrential rain, the machine can be placed outside.

Recognition works for both hands, in any position. It also works with wet, dry or damaged fingers. Up to 10,000 users can register their biometric data for identification.

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