Biometrics allows the identification and authentication of a person, by recognizing characteristics that are specific to him, and immutable. Here is more information about it.

What are the means of identification?

One and the same person can be recognized in different ways, thanks to unique elements.
The main ones are as follows:

  • Fingerprints: Fingerprint readers, the effectiveness of which is well established, are widely used today and in many fields.
  • The iris: the analysis of the iris is complex because it requires high performance cameras, good lighting and optimal conditions.
  • The veins: the particular mapping of the veins also makes it possible to confirm the identity of a person.
  • The face: the size of the nose, the distance between the eyes, and many other details, make each face unique and allow precise recognition.

Biometrics at the service of professionals

A biometric reader can authorize logical access, such as access to confidential data, connection to a session, etc. This makes it possible to limit the actions of each employee and/or to protect sensitive data.

It is also possible to use a reader for physical access, in order to enter the premises of a company, for example.

The advantages of this authentication method

The use of biometric readers represents a definite advance for a company.

First of all, it gives the possibility of considerably strengthening the security. Unlike a password or a badge, the risk of identity theft is almost non-existent. It is thus possible to have, among other things, a precise and sure record of the entries and exits of personnel.

In the same way, it makes it possible to identify oneself, at any time, without risk of forgetting or losing their means of authentication.

Finally, it’s a huge time saver. Indeed, a biometric reader is able to analyze a huge database and validate an access in less than a second.

ANSSI, the french National Information Systems Security Agency, recently posted new certified suppliers on LinkedIn, including IDEMIA. More information on the subject.

What is ANSSI certification?

The National Information Systems Security Agency offers security certification, which certifies the security of a product. To deliver this certification, ANSSI relies on a compliance analysis and penetration tests carried out by a third-party assessor. It takes into account technological developments and user security needs.

For buyers, ANSSI certification helps ensure the good quality and safety of products. For sellers, this is a very powerful selling point in the cybersecurity market.

The two types of ANSSI certifications

There are two types of ANSSI certifications:

  • Common Criteria certification (CC) : globally recognized, this certification takes into account the design characteristics, the development process and resistance to a given level of attack. The duration of the certification process varies between 6 and 18 months.
  • First Level Security Certification (CSPN) : an alternative to CC assessments, it assesses the resistance of a product to more moderate attacks. It is less exhaustive, and focuses on analyzing the product by testing under time and load constraints.

We are very proud to distribute IDEMIA brand products, which are now certified by the National Agency for Information Systems Security.

Los Angeles International Airport, one of the busiest in the world, recently incorporated IDEMIA technology into its new West Gates departure gates. It’s a turnkey security solution for passengers, airlines and airports, and it’s based on facial recognition.

IDEMIA equips Los Angeles airport with facial recognition

Facial recognition technology installed at Los Angeles Airport complies with the security measures defined by the US Congress, but also allows passengers to board faster, more efficiently and without contact. Many other airports have called on IDEMIA’s know-how, demonstrating its long-standing commitment to secure and efficient passenger traffic solutions. This system was rated number 1 in the latest Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

A collaboration with LAWA

Idemia is proud to work with LAWA, the United States Customs and Border Protection, and more than 50 airlines to keep passengers safe. Large-scale solutions have been deployed to the current crisis at Los Angeles Airport and are significantly improving the passenger experience.

Of course, US nationals who do not wish to display their facial images can still be checked in by an airline agent.

In Brazil, Congonhas airport (Sao Paulo) is the first to use the technology developed by IDEMIA with face recognition in a few seconds. This system is an asset for streamlining the boarding process.

Tests carried out between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

This is the first time in the world that passengers between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have tested the 100% digital Embarque + Seguro boarding system, without presenting a boarding pass or identification document. This solution combines biometric validation and data analysis, and complies with general data protection legislation. When the pilot phase is validated, the government will be able to deploy this technology in other airports in Brazil, which has many advantages: efficiency, fluidity, safety …

Facial recognition: more and more important

Facial recognition is a global trend, and an integral part of the Embarque + Seguro project. The very precise IDEMIA algorithm offers a high level of security, and a very high rate of authenticity in the identification of individuals. The IDEMIA company is proud to support this project.
The MFACE technology, developed by IDEMIA is used. This technology captures the biometric parameters of the face in just a few seconds, making it very easy to get on board, avoiding queues and delays. In addition to being fast and secure, this process is completely hygienic, eliminating the handling of documents and papers.

The main operator of digital payment services in Malaysia, Merchantrade, has chosen to work with IDEMIA. IDEMIA’s Identity Proofing platform will soon speed up and secure customer registration. Merchantrade will use Merchantrade Money (its multi-currency electronic wallet) and eRemit (deposit application).

The advantages of IDEMIA’s Identity Proofing platform

This platform is very powerful for companies when it comes to identity verification. The process is based on real-time verification of biometric data and a picture (in the relevant smartphone). Then, IDEMIA’s artificial intelligence algorithms extract and verify the data.

By using IDEMIA, Merchantrade allows its users to benefit from a unique experience and to open an account very quickly. It also makes it possible to dematerialize the recording and to secure the data.

Between safety, quality and innovation

Merchantrade is a FinTech in Malaysia that offers products and solutions at the forefront of quality and innovation. IDEMIA, with its secure and innovative solution, strengthens the existing FinTech system by providing a reliable, customer-centric solution that sets them apart from the competition with an accelerated procedure for registering new users.