Article 22 : Le MorphoWave SP, le lecteur biométrique sans contact dernière génération de chez IDEMIA

The MorphoWave SP is the latest model of contactless biometric reader from IDEMIA. This is the simplified version of MorphoWave XP (ex. MorphoWave Compact). Thanks to its state-of-the-art components, it is also able to read different types of proximity cards (Mifare, Desfire, HID Prox, iClass, SEOS) and on mobile (HID Mobile Access via BLE or NFC*)

An elegant and practical design

With its compact size, the MorphoWave SP can be used in different configurations: walls, turnstiles, gates… Its installation is easy, just fix its plate to a wall and you’re done! Maintenance is also easy, with a simplified wiring and connection system. The majority of access control platforms already take into account the MorphoWave SP thanks to the its Plug & Play technology. So you can install it and enjoy it now.

Revolutionary biometrics technology

The MorphoWave SP device is able to read and verify a person’s 4 fingerprints in less than a second. A feat that will allow companies to ensure their security and protect easily their premises.

It is also a good solution for workspaces with a large number of employees. The biometric reader works both indoors and outdoors, thanks to Visor Rain and Biotime protective covers. Thus, and even in the event of torrential rain, the machine can be placed outside.

Recognition works for both hands, in any position. It also works with wet, dry or damaged fingers. Up to 10,000 users can register their biometric data for identification.

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Article 21 : IDEMIA et le CEA annoncent une collaboration pour le renforcement de la cybersécurité des citoyens

The digital security company IDEMIA, a leader in the world of augmented reality, is strengthening its collaboration with the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission to “secure and facilitate citizens’ transactions”.

An ongoing partnership

The union of these two entities is not new. Indeed, they have already experienced collaboration in the past, concerning the development of advanced technologies and in particular fingerprint sensors. The complementary combination of their skills will ensure the development of even more efficient artificial intelligence and strengthen the protection of privacy. More specifically, an optimization of techniques related to deep learning and cryptographic protocols is expected.

Cybersecurity objectives are also a way to better understand the threats that endanger certain systems and to detect them in order to better counter them.

Securing personal data for every citizen

In an increasingly digitized world, the use of reliable and secure techniques in the field of cybersecurity is essential for every citizen. In order to inspire their confidence, artificial intelligence must ensure foolproof security.

This partnership goes in this direction and will allow everyone to improve the protection of their personal data, while fighting against piracy. The two organizations aim to guarantee completely secure payments and to make identity theft impossible.

Specialized in biometrics, IDEMIA will also, thanks to this collaboration, develop the techniques linked to this technology allowing the identification of an individual according to his morphological characteristics.

This has many advantages, as it allows quick and secure access to public or private places. Eventually, biometrics will probably replace key or badge-based devices.

Article 20 : BAXE en partenariat avec IDEMIA et Haventec pour le lancement du tout premier écosystème DeFi

In order to guarantee data security, protection and confidentiality, BAXE‘s decentralized ecosystem will soon combine Haventec‘s Authenticate platform and IDEMIA‘s identity management solutions.

This is a unique partnership in the world in favor of the future of online finance, secured by facial authentication.

Facial recognition, maximum security

Biometric authentication standardizes the process of re-identifying BAXE users, thus facilitating the usually long and time-consuming verification process (contacting assistance, manual identity check, etc.). This new ecosystem will make it possible to authenticate high-value transactions, recover forgotten passwords or access to already blocked accounts… simply by identifying yourself with your face. A few seconds are enough, efficiency and security are guaranteed with one of the best biometric technologies.

Thanks to Haventec’s Authenticate platform, which will integrate IDEMIA’s identity management tool, BAXE will be able to store and manage all of its digital identities created in a secure account, in complete confidentiality and in compliance with the KYC (know your customer) regulations.

With this new partnership, Baxe will use the Haventec publisher’s platform to provide two-factor authentication, including facial recognition using a photo taken beforehand by the user.

Who are BAXE and HAVENTEC?

BAXE is an Australian FinTech offering payment, communication and storage tools that allow its users to carry out transactions on the internet by combining personal security and optimal confidentiality.

Haventec is a personal data decentralization platform editor.

IDEMIA, leader in augmented identity, brings its expertise associated with BAXE and Haventec tools to offer the most reliable and secure decentralized financial ecosystem in existence.

Article 19 : Nouveauté 2022 : nouvelle gamme pour le MorphoWave

Idemia has just modified its MorphoWave product line. There are now two: MorphoWave XP (eXtended Performance) and MorphoWave SP (Simplified Profile), two contactless biometric readers for access control.

Biometric readers to facilitate access control

To protect their premises and facilities, organizations must be able to benefit from access control systems that are both efficient and easy to use. Contactless fingerprint readers are now recognized as the most effective solutions to meet this need, like the readers in the MorphoWave range developed by Idemia, world leader in augmented identity.

Implemented in several banking, financial, university and health organizations, MorphoWave technology has become a reference in the field of access control. The fluidity of its digital readers, the speed with which they are able to read and verify fingerprints are the ingredients of its success.

MorphoWave XP and MorphoWave SP

The MorphoWave XP (eXtended Performance) biometric reader has a verification capacity of sixty people per minute. Its touch screen allows human/machine interaction which facilitates communication with users, clocking and timestamping functions.

The MorphoWave SP (Simplified Profile) reader has a simplified interface with multicolored LED indicators and has a capacity of ten thousand user entries.

Both readers are equipped with card readers allowing support for HID Prox, iClass, MIFARE, DESFire solutions. They also offer an access control option by mobile phone (BLE and NFC) and visitor management by reading printed QR codes.

Biotime Technology experts are at your disposal if you want to know more about these two MorphoWave readers. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Article 17 : Le VisionPass d’IDEMIA déployé au Japon

A new milestone has just been reached in the commercialization of the VisionPass 3D facial recognition terminal created by IDEMIA, since the solution has just been adopted in Japan to ensure the security of a large utility company.

A fruitful partnership with a Japanese manufacturer

To enter the Japanese market, IDEMIA is partnering with Shoden, a manufacturer of enterprise-grade security systems, to deploy the VisionPass terminal alongside the Security Center platform developed by Genetec. From this alliance will emerge a complete security solution that will be used to control access to the utility company’s buildings in tenths of a second without contact. This combination of technology will also be demonstrated in Shoden’s Solution Lab, where potential future customers will be able to test the terminals on their own.

A demand accentuated by the current health situation

The contactless identification solution offered by IDEMIA is all the more attractive as the global health situation requires increased compliance with hygiene measures. Controlling access to buildings, in particular public ones, without contact has become a real priority for public authorities and many airports, stadiums and other spaces linked to the administration have set up facial recognition terminals in Japan.

The ever more reliable VisionPass, with or without a mask

In the current health situation, a new challenge is facing facial recognition algorithms: the wearing of a mandatory mask in public places. In this area, the tests are successful, since the company can boast of an accuracy rate of 95% in the recognition of mask wearers, the highest score recorded by the United States Department of Homeland Security, during the last Biometric Technology Rally.