Article-10 : Encore une 1ère place pour IDEMIA !

IDEMIA’s 1:N face biometric algorithm has again taken the number one spot on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT).

The IDEMIA’s 1:N face biometric algorithm

According to an announcement by Idemia National Security Solutions (NSS), a business unit of Idemia, the test results showed a correct identification accuracy of 99.5 percent at a false positive identification rate of 0.1 percent when searching a dataset of 1.6 million visa border images.

Per the announcement, IDEMIA has maintained the number one spot in the NIST FRVT ranking since March, and this time around, its facial recognition technology was tested against over 75 systems and 281 entries.

NIST said at the end of the test that Idemia’s algorithm had no “detectable biases” — a characteristic which the company says strengthens its sustained position as a verified leader in biometrics and fair facial recognition technology.

Precise and reliable performance

Idemia National Security Solutions CEO Andrew Boyd said that the NIST test results this year reflect the increasing foothold of their solution in the facial recognition technology market.

“The NIST testing and rankings thus far in 2021 continue to highlight the stronghold Idemia has as a leader in facial recognition technology. Our algorithms consistently deliver accurately and reliably, supporting our government partners and showcasing not only the innovative solutions being brought forth by IDEMIA, but our overall commitment to excellence in perfecting this critical technology,” said Boyd.

IDEMIA’s 1:N face biometric algorithm is deployed on various devices and systems, including VisionPass, the ultimate facial recognition access control device.

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Recently, IDEMIA indicated that it has entered into a global partnership with Bosch Building Technologies, a world leader in the security market. This partnership will exploit the rapidly expanding biometric access control market. According to some specialists, this market, already estimated at $ 1 billion, should grow twice as fast as for other access control markets and reach $ 1.4 billion in 2024.

How to explain such a boom?

Many companies have realized the importance of security in their premises. Since identification badges can be easily falsified, duplicated or stolen, companies are increasingly deciding to use more secure technologies: this is the case with biometrics. Indeed, it uses personal, physiological and tamper-proof characteristics, and increasingly attracts companies for the security of their professional premises.

Bosch Building Technologies’ solution

Bosch Building Technologies’ software solution manages several security subsystems: access control, video surveillance, fire alarms, sound systems, intrusion systems, etc. It has been tested by more than 3000 installations, which represents 10 million detectors worldwide.

Bosch Building Technologies called on IDEMIA to integrate a biometric dimension into its BIS (intrusion system) system. The world leader has therefore opted for two types of readers: the MorphoWave Compact, the only terminal that can scan and identify 4 fingerprints in less than a second by a simple movement of the hand, and the VisionPass, whose technology is based on the facial recognition (2D, 3D and infrared cameras). Robust and powerful, MorphoWave and VisionPass are contactless and work even when wearing a sanitary mask. In addition to making the passage smoother and making the places safer, these readers are therefore perfectly suited to the health rules currently in place for the fight against Covid-19.

Biotime obtient la certification IDEMIA EXPERT

Our colleagues obtained IDEMIA EXPERT certification. This is the highest level of certification issued by IDEMIA which increases the mastery of biometrics in the team. Biotime Biometrics is the first distributor of IDEMIA to obtain it on a global scale !

It’s a pride for the whole team, which always wishes the best quality of service for its customers. Congratulations to our two experts !


IDEMIA announces that its entity dedicated to biometric terminals is joining the Smart Physical Access Control (SPAC) organization. IDEMIA now intends to actively participate in the actions of the consortium by providing its expertise in the field of biometrics, access control and security.

SPAC’s role in digital security

SPAC is an organization that brings together European digital security players around an information, training and standardization mission. Thus the birth of the organization was motivated by a booming regulatory environment to fight against cyber threats and cyber attacks.

In accordance with the directives of the NIS (Network and Information Security), actions are undertaken such as the establishment of Operators of Vital Importance (OIV) asking Member States to define their Essential Service Organizations (OES), on authentication biometric for physical access control.

SPAC’s mission is to promote French and European know-how on end-to-end security of physical access control solutions, and to allow companies to be independent and autonomous in the management of their security with opened and sustainable solutions. SPAC also actively supports the SSCP (Smart Secure Communication Protocol) standard for more interoperable and autonomous security in Europe.


SPAC already brings together several French actors in access control such as the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI). IDEMIA, a major player in the access control ecosystem in France with its biometric terminals, further demonstrates its commitment to cybersecurity by joining the SPAC group.

IDEMIA, world leader in the field of biometrics, provides you with biometric readers such as MorphoWave, a contactless fingerprint reader “on the fly” by a simple gesture of the hand in the device, or VisionPass, a high-performance facial recognition device, or the Sigma range of fingerprint readers.

We are proud to announce the opening of our branch in Dubaï ! This new project aims at responding to the growing demand for biometrics in GCC countries.

Indeed, in order to always provide the best possible service, we have decided to get closer to our customers in the Middle East by opening a subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates, and more specifically in Dubai.

Being located in Dubai allows us to have a strategic commercial and logistical position to quickly serve our partners.

We will therefore put all our expertise at the disposal of our partners in the area in order to help them promote, supply and support the products of the world leader in biometric access control IDEMIA.

We guarantee the availability of products on site across the entire range; ease of trade, commercial and administrative processes, and as always, responsive and qualitative technical and commercial support.