MorphoWave™ SP

Contactless fingerprint terminal with a Simplified Profile


MorphoWave™ SP is a contactless fingerprint terminal with a simplified profile up to 10K user records, and a simplified user interface via multicolor LED indicators.

Embedded with IDEMIA’s latest advances in the use of Artificial Intelligence, these ergonomic biometric readers work efficiently with wet, dry, dirty hands or even damaged fingerprints.

In addition, the card reader of MorphoWave™ SP natively supports HID Prox, iClass, MIFARE, DESFire, and mobile access control solutions. It is also capable of scanning printed QR codes for visitors management.

MorphoWave™ SP detailled product sheet information

MorphoWave SP

MorphoWave SP key features : 

  • Field proven contactless technology

Users are identified with a simple, hygienic contactless wave of the hand

    • Either left or right hand, in any direction
    • Copes with wet, dry, or damaged fingers
  • Simplified design for a user-friendly experience
    • Bright color & stylish pattern on both sides
    • LED Indicators give information on device status
  • Accuracy and performance 4 fingerprints

Scan and verification of 4 fingers in less than 1 second of up to 10,000 users

  • Multi-factor authentication capability with built-in RFID & BLE readers

Reads all kinds of contactless card technologies as well as mobile credentials

    • Mifare, Desfire,
    • HID Prox, iClass, SEOS
    • Biometric data can be stored in the card
    • HID Mobile Access via BLE or NFC
    • QR code scanning for visitors
  • Plug & play with most industry players for easier and faster deployments

Already supported by most PACS platforms, communication with door controller by OSDP secure mode and integrated by leading gate vendors

  • Quick and easy installation & maintenance to save on deployment costs
  • Multiple use cases and installation configurations

Walls, turnstiles, gates, pedestals


MPH-AC007A 293777400
MPH-AC007B 293777380
MPH-AC007C 293777421

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