IDEMIA teams with Infineone and Pmdtechnologies to get ahead on 3D facial recognition.

The partnership seeks to develop a refined solution for systems integrators and OEMs.

The trio is specifically working on a 3D image sensor on Time-of-Flight technology. The latter analyzes how emitted light reflects off of objects in the real world. The technology will be used to enhance 3D facial recognition in LG’s newest smartphone, to be shown at MMW – Mobile World Congress, this year:

Last September IDEMIA presented its new software designed for infrared cameras, the logic here is to unify the latest hardware from Infineon and Pmdtechnologie with the cutting edge 3D Face biometric software from IDEMIA. The result of this would be a powerful solution aimed at smartphone, tablet, and PC applications as well in different areas such as smart cars.


Dear Partners,

The MorphoAccess® VP Series is entering a major phase of its lifecycle, migrating to the MA5G platform. This results in a significant Product Change Notification:

  • End-of-Life notification of the MA VP-Bio and MA VP-Dual,
  • Introduction of the MA VP MD.

Our support team is available to help ensure a seamless transition from the existing to the new integrations.

At MWC, Mobile World Conference, from 25 until 28 February 2019, the GSMA or Global System for Mobile Communications will host a range of seminars aiming to provide insights and updates on several topics, such as:

Mobile Connect, 5G, IoT, Future Networks and identity.

During these 4 days seminars, IDEMIA participates in both events: At MWC with the booth #6H30 and on the GSMA seminar presenting the following topics:


Idemia’s director of standarizantion  – Remy Cricco will expose its perception on Tuesday 26th February at 3:30 PM.


Second apparition will be held by VP of Digital Domains, Connectivity and IoT Security – Emir Aboulone on Thursday 28th February at 9 AM.

For more practical information and visitors opening hours visit:


Dear Partners,

Following its process of continuous improvement, IDEMIA has enhanced the MorphoTablet 2 firmware to optimize the security of the device while restraining the risk of hacking. This new firmware offers the following security features:
• Hardware Secure Boot that preserves the device against third party Android builds installation,
• Unauthorized modification of system code,
• Physical attack surfaces mitigation by inactivating Android debug bridge (ADB) by default,
• Enhanced device encryption that protects the device against intrusion,
• SAM card reader with Open Mobile API,
• Dedicated area for customization, adding application as “pre-installed” and protecting the customization from factory reset.

In order to provide to all our customers the best product in terms of security, IDEMIA has decided to propose this new improvement to all further MorphoTablet 2 deliveries. As a consequence:

1) The MorphoTablet 2 fingerprint/face biometric tablet (Part Number 293689952 / 293686071) is discontinued and replaced by MorphoTablet 2s (MorphoTablet 2s becomes the main product reference).

2) The new secure firmware release version TA-x is now loaded in factory into:
MorphoTablet 2s fingerprint/face secure biometric tablets (Part Number 293705285 / 293705305),
MorphoTablet 2i fingerprint/face/iris biometric tablets (Part Number 293724199 / 293724222).

Our support team is available to help ensure a seamless integration of custom apps with this new firmware, using our Customer Support Package dedicated tools.

“… Onfido’s great solution of document reading and its 2D face scanning system was incorpored by world  leader on augment identity, IDEMIA, in order to optimize financial services on KYC and AML needs.”

IDEMIA is developing its selfie-based authentification throught a crucial partnership with Onfido. This collaboration showed on the past several months its position as a leading provider for the cryptocurrency market with the highest selfie authentication technology. Onfido expertise liens on the compatibility of facial recognition with document reader: users just need to upload a selfie and images of official identity documents to the system that will link both with the aim of corresponding them.

As the world’s leader on augmented identity, IDEMIA is not a new comers in the biometric authentication and the company has came to life a new 3D facial recognition system for mobile devices in 2018. The partnership can enable IDEMIA to meet the need at some niches of Financial Markets as Know Your Customer’s activities – KYC and Anti-Money Laundring – AML by the incorporation of Onfido’s solutions as a complement to its “Augmented Identity Hub”.

Mutual prospects and customers in Financial Services are the crucial point to make this partnership happen; the alignment of Idemia’s technology with Onfido’s identification will make both companies reach such market opportunities, said, Onfido CEO Husayn Kassai.