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Biotime is renowned for its expertise regarding Biometric equipment from Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho). A large choice of biometric systems are referenced and available quickly.

Actually  you can ask us any advice for MorphoAccess, MorphoSmart Morpho 3D Face or MorphoTablet.

We also have available all ranges of Bioscrypt biometric devices.

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Biotime Technology can provide you biometric systems and all the necessary training for a fully functional use.

There are for each of these biometric systems user and set up guides but also development kits to pair it with your computer management applications. Definitely it is possible for us to provide you on request SDK compatible with biometric systems. We put faith in the expertise of the world’s number 1 in this very special field of biometrics. Therefore, our catalog focuses on Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho) biometric systems. They are up and running in many airports around the world, in large companies and famous institutes which are demanding the highest safety level and an optimal reliability.

Every year these biometrics systems are awarded with certifications (including the FBI) thereby establish the reputation of the leader around the world and allows us to meet all types of application development and interface requiring devices with high quality biometrics. Morpho has expertise also in the making process  (conception and development) of  biometric identity documents such as driving licenses, identity cards and biometric passports.

These biometric systems analyze various biometric data such as fingerprint, finger vein patterns or facial recognition, both for physical access control and logical.

Most of these biometric systems have built-in access controllers with dry contact output wiegand, Dataclock and TCP / IP network card (POE).

Also, all MorphoSmart range includes USB biometric devices.