In Brazil, Congonhas airport (Sao Paulo) is the first to use the technology developed by IDEMIA with face recognition in a few seconds. This system is an asset for streamlining the boarding process.

Tests carried out between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

This is the first time in the world that passengers between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have tested the 100% digital Embarque + Seguro boarding system, without presenting a boarding pass or identification document. This solution combines biometric validation and data analysis, and complies with general data protection legislation. When the pilot phase is validated, the government will be able to deploy this technology in other airports in Brazil, which has many advantages: efficiency, fluidity, safety …

Facial recognition: more and more important

Facial recognition is a global trend, and an integral part of the Embarque + Seguro project. The very precise IDEMIA algorithm offers a high level of security, and a very high rate of authenticity in the identification of individuals. The IDEMIA company is proud to support this project.
The MFACE technology, developed by IDEMIA is used. This technology captures the biometric parameters of the face in just a few seconds, making it very easy to get on board, avoiding queues and delays. In addition to being fast and secure, this process is completely hygienic, eliminating the handling of documents and papers.