Software for access control and biometrics


The MEMS access control software (MorphoAccess® Enrollment and Management System) serves as an enrollment station for biometric readers MorphoAccess J Series and 520 Series in footprint and / or proximity card.
It allows a single management in light version but also in client / server with SQL or Oracle database.
MEMS Works with MorphoSmart 300 and 1300 depending on the version used.

MEMS software detailled product sheet information

  • Enrollment and customizable portraits
  • Ability to customize contactless cards
  • Multiple interfaces with existing systems
  • High Capacity Management databases
  • Database compatible with Access, SQL and Oracle
  • Computer data exchange encrypted by SSL

A complete and intuitive software
MEMS is a tool for recording and managing access control systems or MorphoAccess presence management. The application administrator can create and manage users, devices, servers, databases, logs, statistics … in order to optimize overall system performance. MEMS can add biometric recognition to existing access control systems.

Quality and time saving
• Local or remote capture fingerprints and portraits
• Works with the optical sensor MorphoSmart ™, high reliability sensor
• Configurable recording: Image quality control at the time of capture. Three catches impression by each finger.
• False Acceptance Rate (FAR) Adjustable
• Ability to manage groups of terminals
• Ability to encode contactless cards
• Database Import
• Database Management Access large size, SQL and Oracle
• Duplicate Detection with license No. 1

• Sending data, fingerprints and configurations for groups of terminals
• Exchange of data encrypted by SSL between the station and MEMS systems
• Cryptographic Key Management and ability to customize Mifare cards / DESFIRE®et HID®iClass
• Ability to print real-time historical events and logs


Compatible Windows® XP SP3, VISTA

Windows® Server 2003, Windows® Server 2008, Windows® Server 2012

Windows® 7, Windows® 8

32 bits Processor

2 Go RAM

4 Go disk space

2 USB ports available

Graphic card DirectX 10

CD-ROM reader


MEMS software is available in three versions:

MEMS Light : this is a light version to administer a park under 6 MorphoAccess ™ terminals

MEMS Client/Standard :this is a registration system and
Administration can operate standalone or connected to a MEMS Server Software

MEMS Serveur :It manages a central database and also other registration points equipped with MEMS Client


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