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Launched in May 2020, VisionPass solution has awaken as strong interest of biometric key players

The award received by IDEMIA on its new solution confirms its positioning as a leader in frictionless biometrics for Security Market

On July 9th, a virtual ceremony was held by SIA – Security Industry Association to announce that VisionPass, the new facial recognition device launched by IDEMIA last May as the winner of the SIA New Product Showcase Award.

IDEMIA’s team presented the technology in front of a jury and explained the “backstage” overview of how and why the product was developed taking into account the problems of partners, clients’ pain points, as well as the need of high performance device in terms of user experience, trustiness, etc.

Main technical choices made by R&D team were explained in order to reach very high exigency to develop the most advanced facial recognition terminal on the market. Now, confirmed by the award.

Infrared, 2D and 3D cameras combined with AI – Artificial Intelligence algorithms, deliver an unmatched performing device:

  • Fully hygienic and Contactless – the device automatically adapts to the size of the person (120-200cm) and tolerates facial angles – no need to stop and fix the device.
  • Accurate and fast – up to 30 people per minute, up to 40,000 users
  • Powerful in full sun or total darkness without the need for any dazzling flash, and works with all skin colors
  • Contrary to identity theft attempts by photo presentation or 3D mask.

In 2018, IDEMIA received a resembling award for its other contactless solution, MorphoWave Compac which is capable to scan 4 fingerprints in less than 1 second by the wave of a hand, fully hygienic and frictionless. The new SIA award is about a face recognition solution that confirms the hegemony of IDEMIA as the leader in the biometric field and augmented identity, which included the segment of contactless security applications.

We did not develop the most advanced terminal just for the sake of the innovation challenge, but because it was necessary to meet all needs expressed by our customers: speed, accuracy, reliability and a true frictionless user experience. Since its launch last May, we have experienced a strong demand for VisionPass. Combined with this prestigious SIA award, this is indeed a true reward for all our teams who worked on this new product. Today, with VisionPass and MorphoWave, we offer the most powerful contactless biometric offer on the market.

Yves Portalier, Executive Vice President of the Biometric Devices & Automotive Business Unit at IDEMIA

SIA congratulates IDEMIA on being selected as the winner of the Biometrics category award in SIA’s 2020 New Product Showcase. It is this kind of continuous innovation and drive to succeed that brings the security industry forward and contributes to the safety and security of our world.

SIA CEO Don Erickson

Source: https://www.idemia.com/press-release/idemia-wins-security-industry-association-sia-award-best-new-biometric-product-its-visionpass-advanced-facial-recognition-device-2020-07-15

Dear Partners and Customers,

Since the launch of MorphoWave Tower by IDEMIA in 2015, the technology has achieved multiple industry leading awards, and has become the benchmark in high assurance frictionless access control.

The popularity and success of the technology was further reinforced by the introduction of MorphoWave Compact in 2018, which immediately received multiple industry awards, and achieved rapid adoption globally.

Over the past 4 years we have worked closely with the world’s leading turnstile manufacturers to ensure that MorphoWave technology is also available in 2 additional key formats:

1.       In tower/pedestal formats that are designed to esthetically blend with and complement existing turnstiles,

2.       Embedded directly into the turnstile structure to achieve a uni-body design.

The above formats are available with both the original MorphoWave (OEM Kit) and the new MorphoWave Compact.

There is a style of MorphoWave to suit almost every design or aesthetic objective.

For customers requiring a tower/pedestal design which is independent, and not necessarily linked to, or used with turnstiles, IDEMIA will soon be releasing an updated version of the original MorphoWave Tower. The new MorphoWave Tower will leverage the Compact reader technology, which brings additional benefits such as embedded multi card technology, a more engaging capacitive touchscreen and significantly easier installation and support, along with many more benefits.

The original MorphoWave Tower form factor will be maintained to support existing customers, and will then gradually transition to a “build to order” status.

Thank you for your interest and support in making MorphoWave technology the great success it is, and please feel free to contact your local representative for more details.

Yours sincerely,