Article 21 : IDEMIA et le CEA annoncent une collaboration pour le renforcement de la cybersécurité des citoyens

IDEMIA and the CEA announce a collaboration to strengthen citizens’ cybersecurity

The digital security company IDEMIA, a leader in the world of augmented reality, is strengthening its collaboration with the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission to “secure and facilitate citizens’ transactions”.

An ongoing partnership

The union of these two entities is not new. Indeed, they have already experienced collaboration in the past, concerning the development of advanced technologies and in particular fingerprint sensors. The complementary combination of their skills will ensure the development of even more efficient artificial intelligence and strengthen the protection of privacy. More specifically, an optimization of techniques related to deep learning and cryptographic protocols is expected.

Cybersecurity objectives are also a way to better understand the threats that endanger certain systems and to detect them in order to better counter them.

Securing personal data for every citizen

In an increasingly digitized world, the use of reliable and secure techniques in the field of cybersecurity is essential for every citizen. In order to inspire their confidence, artificial intelligence must ensure foolproof security.

This partnership goes in this direction and will allow everyone to improve the protection of their personal data, while fighting against piracy. The two organizations aim to guarantee completely secure payments and to make identity theft impossible.

Specialized in biometrics, IDEMIA will also, thanks to this collaboration, develop the techniques linked to this technology allowing the identification of an individual according to his morphological characteristics.

This has many advantages, as it allows quick and secure access to public or private places. Eventually, biometrics will probably replace key or badge-based devices.