Article 22 : Le MorphoWave SP, le lecteur biométrique sans contact dernière génération de chez IDEMIA

The MorphoWave SP, the latest generation contactless biometric reader from IDEMIA

The MorphoWave SP is the latest model of contactless biometric reader from IDEMIA. This is the simplified version of MorphoWave XP (ex. MorphoWave Compact). Thanks to its state-of-the-art components, it is also able to read different types of proximity cards (Mifare, Desfire, HID Prox, iClass, SEOS) and on mobile (HID Mobile Access via BLE or NFC*)

An elegant and practical design

With its compact size, the MorphoWave SP can be used in different configurations: walls, turnstiles, gates… Its installation is easy, just fix its plate to a wall and you’re done! Maintenance is also easy, with a simplified wiring and connection system. The majority of access control platforms already take into account the MorphoWave SP thanks to the its Plug & Play technology. So you can install it and enjoy it now.

Revolutionary biometrics technology

The MorphoWave SP device is able to read and verify a person’s 4 fingerprints in less than a second. A feat that will allow companies to ensure their security and protect easily their premises.

It is also a good solution for workspaces with a large number of employees. The biometric reader works both indoors and outdoors, thanks to Visor Rain and Biotime protective covers. Thus, and even in the event of torrential rain, the machine can be placed outside.

Recognition works for both hands, in any position. It also works with wet, dry or damaged fingers. Up to 10,000 users can register their biometric data for identification.

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