Article 23 : Technologies de l'identité : Idemia partenaire de la Californie

Identity technologies: Idemia partner of California

IDEMIA, the world’s leading identity company, announced on March 8, 2022 that it had signed a contract with the State of California. The terms of this contract cover the provision of conventional driving licenses, as well as digital technologies to modernize the vehicle management department (VMD).

A partnership extended to driving licenses

The collaboration between these two entities is not new: IDEMIA has already been supplying physical identification documents and technological means to California for more than 64 years.

As part of this new contract, scheduled for 12 years, the identity leader will offer a new design for driving licenses, including enhanced security features that improve the user experience and limit fraud. The French company will also provide mobile tablets to reach residents living in isolated areas of the state. The new tools thus developed will be compatible with the “Cloud First” policy advocated in the United States since 2013.

Biometric technology at the service of users

Donnie Scott, General Manager of the company in North America, is delighted to be able to collaborate with an innovative and future-oriented state. Together, they will continue to develop new services for residents.

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