Article 24 : Focus sur les lecteurs biométriques sans contact

Focus on contactless biometric readers

Contactless biometric readers ensure reliable and efficient identification of users. By scanning fingerprints or facial recognition, they control access to a site in less than a second.

Contactless biometric readers: the new wave of digital identification

Entrance to a stadium, registration in a trade show or employee access to a company, biometrics are everywhere. By securing sensitive or very busy places, biometric technology reassures users. It facilitates their identification and the management of their personal data.

Idemia, world leader in the sector, is constantly innovating to facilitate the user experience. The “on the fly” biometric reader can recognize a person in less than a second by simply waving the hand in front of the screen. Four fingerprints are stored and compared to a database of more than 10,000 (MorphoWave™ SP) or 100,000 users (MorphoWave™ XP).

Contactless biometrics are revolutionizing access control. Compact and lightweight, the enclosures can be installed anywhere, both indoor and outdoor. They allow users to scroll through smoothly, thus limiting queues. Airports, large companies, banks and health organizations are beginning to equip themselves.

Facial identification: cutting-edge biometrics technology

Facial recognition readers are at the cutting edge of biometric technology. Their high-performance optical systems guarantee instant face capture and identification for optimal security against attacks and risk of identity theft. The user is recognized whatever the angle of presentation, lighting, movements or accessories (glasses, change of hairstyle, helmet, etc.). Customers and institutions that have adopted VisionPass are protected and satisfied.

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