Article 25 : IDEMIA va doter le Chili de pièces d'identité nouvelle génération pour les 10 prochaines années

IDEMIA will equip Chile with next-generation IDs for the next 10 years

Some of the most secure IDs and passports in the world will soon be in Chile. The country has just awarded IDEMIA the contract to supply and modernize its legal documents for the next ten years. With the integration of the latest biometric and cryptographic technologies, Chileans will have unique, tamper-proof and totally secure documents. Another novelty: the creation of a digital title for each citizen.

New generation identity documents and passports

The new Chilean civil status and travel documents will incorporate the latest technological developments in the field of biometrics. To fingerprints and facial recognition will be added iris recognition. The combination of these three identification systems will raise the level of security to the highest standards on the market.

This performance is made possible thanks to recent developments in the automated biometric identification system developed by IDEMIA, known as the “Biometric Recognition System” (IBRS). This guarantees that each citizen has a legal, unique and secure civil status document, valid throughout life.

Another feature of these future cards and passports: visually impaired people will be able to use them thanks to an application that uses voice assistance to reproduce the data. They will have documents with their initials in Braille.

A digital identity for every citizen

The signed contract also includes a digital title. The goal? Enable all Chilean citizens to have secure access to online services from the public and private sectors (telemedicine services, transport reservations).

Chileans will also be able to securely communicate certain identity attributes for verification purposes on the Internet.

With this new contract, IDEMIA continues to support Chile in its digital transformation. A great way to celebrate 30 years of a solid and trusting partnership.