Article 31 : IDEMIA participe au programme d’identité numérique national

IDEMIA participates in the national digital identity program

After deploying more than 135 identification programs around the world, IDEMIA has been given a new mission: to design an application for smartphones allowing French people to prove who they are.

For the National Agency for Secure Titles (ANTS), automating this process is becoming a government emergency. As operations gradually become digital, it is necessary to be able to verify visitor profiles with certainty. To do this, the state entity has set up the Digital Identity Guarantee Service (SGIN).

The SGIN: towards 100% automatic identification

It was last year that ANTS announced the launch of the SGIN. From the outset, the organization’s goal was clear: to simplify, secure and speed up online identification.

In order to accomplish this feat, the SGIN will rely on the information contained in the chips of the National Digital Identity Cards (CNI-e). Introduced in 2021, these new identification documents have already been adopted by 4.5 million French people.

Unlike earlier versions, CNI-e encrypts data in their framework. It is by reading these that the application developed by IDEMIA allows citizens to prove who they are.

The SGIN: an application that reads CNI-e

Acting as an extension of the CNI-e, the application developed facilitates access to public and private services. For the Internet user, the procedure is broken down into three stages:

  • go to the URL indicated for identification (or transaction); 
  • place the CNI-e on the back of your smartphone; 
  • confirm personal information by inserting a PIN code.

In a few seconds, the data inserted into the CNI-e is read and access to services is granted. Note that biometric data will never be transmitted to a third party, they will remain secure in the CNI-e.

With this application, the ANTS puts biometrics at the service of French users. Logging in has never been easier.