Article 32 : Lecteurs biométriques : exemples d'applications et utilisation

Biometric readers: examples of applications and use

A biometric reader is a high-tech device containing a microchip capable of reading and comparing an individual’s biological data, fingerprints, iris, venous network or even the morphology of the hand… Biometrics makes it possible to authenticate users without any doubt.

For several years, Idemia, the world leader in augmented identity, has been working to make the world more secure. A brief overview of the fields of application of this science which is wider than you think…

Make airports safer

At Charles de Gaulle airport alone, more than 100,000 people work tirelessly, day and night. Among them, 86,000 must access areas containing delicate data or sensitive elements. At the same time, the airport must ensure that the 208,000 daily passengers are safe, oriented and easily identifiable.

The use of a biometric reader makes it possible to limit access to areas and easily regulate the flow of individuals. Likewise, it is this technology that makes it possible to prevent a third party from boarding with another person’s passport.

Avoid identity theft

In 2021, the National Agency for Secure Documents (ANTS) announced the online publication of a CNI-e. Unlike the traditional version, this piece of identification contains biometric data.

For the user, this has two major advantages. On the one hand, this technology limits identity theft since the photo is no longer the only element required to pass the checks. On the other hand, it makes it possible to spend less time at identification positions in public and parapublic services.

Preserve industrial secrecy

A company’s know-how is what makes it unique. Inevitably, it is necessary to limit access to sensitive data to ensure the sustainability of the firm. This is where biometrics comes in.

Using a contactless fingerprint reader or facial recognition software, it is easy to restrict access to an area. And unlike a simple card reader, a biometric reader guarantees that it is the authorized person who has access to the place.

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