Article 33 : IDEMIA remporte un appel d’offres du ministère public des Pays-Bas en matière de sécurité routière

IDEMIA wins contract with Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office on road safety

In June 2022, IDEMIA and one of its major partners, ARS Traffic & Transport Technology B.V., won a tender launched by the Public Prosecutor of the Netherlands. As a leader in biometric encryption, the French biometrics company was selected from a plethora of applicants. This is proof that once again, the know-how of the French company is no longer subject to debate.

Idemia x ARS Traffic & Transport Technology B.V.

In practice, the framework contract consists of the delivery of 750 control units in ten three-month batches. Note that the Netherlands required that this order be awarded to three suppliers, including IDEMIA.

For this contract, IDEMIA has chosen to highlight the compact MESTA device. In addition to delivering this high-tech security system, the French company will take care of its maintenance for six years, to be renewed once. In all, the Dutch public prosecutor will therefore be able to count on the support of the service provider for 12 years.

A leading agency at the service of road safety

Delivered at the beginning of 2023, the compact MESTA devices are specialized in traffic control. Combining video analysis and speed measurement, they reduce accidents and encourage users to respect the highway code. Impossible to lure these detectors when you run red lights.

Space-saving, the compact MESTA device can easily be camouflaged at an intersection or in a bush. Even in urban areas, it requires little space and blends into the environment.

For more than 50 years, the European firm’s MESTA range has helped make the roads safer. Leaders in road safety in Europe, the Middle East, America and Asia-Pacific, MESTA devices will meet the expectations of the Netherlands.