Article 35 : VisionPass : le terminal de reconnaissance faciale le plus performant pour le contrôle d’accès

VisionPass: the most efficient facial recognition terminal for access control

In a context where security has become a real issue in our society, there are many developments allowing you to protect yourself and your property through technology. Biotime Technology presents you today VisionPass, the biometric reader of French multinational IDEMIA.

VisionPass: Artificial intelligence at the service of your protection

VisionPass is a facial recognition terminal manufactured by IDEMIA, the leading company specializing in access control. Whether you are a large company or a smaller company, you will always be looking for an effective way to ensure the security of your premises and your staff. It can be installed both indoor and outdoor. Thus, you can protect the entrance to your premises to prevent an intruder from entering your building. It is also possible to protect access to a specific room, so that only authorized persons can enter it. With biometrics and associated technology, identity theft will no longer be possible.

Breathtaking facial recognition

Thanks to its surprising technological advances, IDEMIA has succeeded in combining highly developed artificial intelligence with facial recognition algorithms. Through a highly developed optical assembly combining a 2D, 3D and infrared camera, biometrics can identify an intrusion or identity theft in a few seconds. It is a reliable device with astonishing precision. Depending on the equipment installed, the verification can be established from several angles and regardless of the lighting conditions. Image processing, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, is done very quickly and therefore ensures maximum security for your business.

The security and protection of premises, data and employees are the watchwords of the world leader in the sale of biometric readers. Biotime Technology, aims to help you also, more locally, in the biometric protection of your company. If this article interested you and you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us! We will advise you and direct you to the products you need!