The use of biometrics for contactless access is being advanced by Telefónica and IDEMIA

IDEMIA’s biometric reader Morphowave, which provides fully touchless access control technology, has been presented by Telefónica in their demonstration and innovation center.

Morphowave captures and verifies 4 fingerprints in less than a second with a simple contactless handwave. And, more than 10,000 units are currently in operation worldwide.

Telefónica is focusing on biometric access control devices for their latest innovation catalog. The company presents their advanced technology to clients in the Distrito Telefónica’s Demonstration and Innovation Center.

In the coming months, Telefónica Tech’s Ingeniería de Seguridad (TIS) division will fully embrace this technology as an integral USP in their future hi-tech security systems projects, focusing on offering customers revolutionary solutions to bring added benefit to all their hi-tech security projects.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a surge in demand for hygienic, stable, and healthy tech solutions among businesses of all sizes, propelling Telefonica to the leading edge of the Spanish anti-Covid technology industry.

  • It is a more straightforward and reliable biometric access control device for business establishments.
  • This biometric system allows for access control with a contactless handwave. It will be presented at Distrito Telefónica’s Demonstration and Innovation Center.
  • Telefónica’s latest innovation catalog is focused on biometric access control terminals.
  • Over 10,000 Morphowaves are currently in use around the world, the IDEMIA’s outstanding prize winning is a proven and tested biometric terminal.