IDEMIA’s new multi-biometric identification system, MBIS, is a facial recognition and fingerprint system that can instantly identify a suspect. This system can be used in criminal cases, as part of police investigations or border controls.

A new system used by INTERPOL and provided by IDEMIA

Used by INTERPOL and supplied by IDEMIA, this new identification system will be more powerful: its identification capacity will be stronger, more precise and the user interfaces more ergonomic. This technology is also optimized for research and analysis in large quantities! In particular, it’s possible to do about a million searches per day, combining fingerprint, palmprint and facial recognition searches. It is therefore the most efficient system for forensic science.

These improvements and scientific advances promise the democratization of the use of biometrics in other areas by INTERPOL, for example at border checkpoints.

INTERPOL AND IDEMIA: a long-standing collaboration

This is not the first time that INTERPOL has used IDEMIA for its identification systems: their collaboration began more than 20 years ago, with the first automated fingerprint identification system. Originally, this system enabled INTERPOL member police forces to better collaborate with each other through a common database of suspect fingerprints.

In 2016, INTERPOL also used IDEMIA for a facial recognition system, which identified more than 300 suspects in 2019.

Biometric security is therefore one of the best assets in the fight against crime, which also improves its techniques year after year. The police therefore have every interest in equipping themselves with the most innovative technologies.