Des tests de reconnaissance faciale en cours pour la e-carte vitale

The french e-”carte vitale” (operating via a mobile application, available on mobile and tablet) is a novelty that is part of the process of dematerialization of procedures and digitalization of the medical sphere, initiated by the french government. It allows users to authenticate to all online health services simply, quickly and securely, using their smartphone.

The first tests of the “apCV” application

The mobile application called “apCV” has been tested since spring 2019 in 2 departments of France. It can be downloaded on mobile or tablet, contains all the data of the card and offers the same healthcare reimbursement functionalities. Other additional features are integrated into it: access to his personal space on, access to the official health insurance website, doctor’s declaration.

The first experiments since 2019 have been carried out in the Rhône and the Alpes-Maritimes. Users use their application instead of their card.

New tests with facial recognition

Since summer 2019, this card on a mobile application has been tested in two departments. Initially scheduled to end in May 2020, this experiment should be repeated in 10 other departments.

But that’s not the only novelty: the app will use facial recognition. The user will log in using his social security number and it is a video selfie with dynamic detection of proof of life (facial movements) which will then allow him to be identified, the application verifying the face with a saved image.

This system will make it possible to secure the use of the application, prevent any identity theft and make its use simpler and faster.