Article 14 : IDEMIA, partenaire de l'Etat Français pour les nouvelles cartes d'identité biométrique

IDEMIA, partner of the French State for new biometric identity cards

The French State has announced the renewal of the national identity card by integrating a biometric chip useful for online identification, and designed by a French company at the cutting edge of technology. Back to this important announcement.

An improvement in the service of the security of everyone’s identity

It is a sulphurous and divisive subject at first glance, which hardly leaves anyone indifferent in France lately: the new French identity cards will be equipped with a biometric chip. Thus, these new generation national identity cards can be easily read by a smartphone or any device equipped with an application specially designed for this purpose in order to automatically and digitally certify the identity of its owner.

It will be possible, for example, to verify with certainty the identity of the holder of one of these new cards when carrying out certain procedures: request to French administrations, online purchases and why not, if one imagine the possible developments based on this improvement in identity checks, voting online as is already done in other countries. The applications are limitless and this should improve everyone’s cybersecurity and prevent some identity theft.

A controversial technology whose security is essential

Faced with these obvious improvements, some object to the still plausible possibility of having their identity card stolen, or even quite simply a hacking of the identification system which could, on the contrary, greatly facilitate identity theft for criminals. of a victim. At a minimum, this identification system must be extremely secure.

A French innovation by IDEMIA

We particularly draw our reader’s attention to one detail: this biometric identification technology is not the result of an acquisition from some technologically superior foreign country, but a national innovation. It is more precisely due to the company IDEMIA, the world leader in augmented identity. 

At Biotime, it seems important to us to relay this information because IDEMIA is an innovative company, the flagship of French technology and now recognized by the State itself.