Article 15 : Certification VISA et MASTERCARD pour les cartes de paiement biométriques F.CODE

VISA and MASTERCARD certification for F.CODE biometric payment cards


Mastercard and Visa said they have entered into new agreements to develop biometric authentication. New partnerships could allow them to take advantage of this new trend.

IDEMIA’s F-CODE biometric cards

This technology is transforming the way people identify people. Biometrics enhance the security of your data and facilitate the use of your credit card by analysing your fingerprint.

As security is an issue in purchasing, Idemia designs F-CODE biometric payment cards. You carry out your transactions using the fingerprint sensor integrated into the card. Your fingerprint is then validated by an algorithm that validates the match of the fingerprint to that of the owner.

New agreements with Visa and Mastercard

In this context, this technology has recently entered into a partnership with Visa and Mastercard. The biometric device fits perfectly into these cards and allows you to pay easily and securely.

To do this, a chip is integrated into the card and enables the verification procedure.

This initiative will help develop biometric payment services around the world.

News that appeal to consumers

A study shows that consumers are ready to welcome biometric payment: 76% are interested in contactless for large payments and 81% are ready to use their fingerprint.

Indeed, it speeds up payment, lifts the limit of 30 euros for contactless payment, offers ease of use and secures data.

To ensure user privacy, biometric data is stored into the chip and never leaves the chip. This new generation of cards is already available, regardless of your bank.