Article 16 : VisionPass: 100% de réussite pour le dispositif de reconnaissance faciale d'IDEMIA

VisionPass: 100% success for the IDEMIA facial recognition device

IDEMIA has just announced that its facial recognition device has successfully passed the tests of the independent institute iBeta PAD. Indeed, VisionPass obtained a score of 100% in the level 1 and 2 attacks prevention tests and becomes the first terminal in the world to record such a level of performance.

The importance of an independent test

Such success is crucial from a marketing point of you. Indeed, because it is difficult for the customer to trust the product without having testing result from an external and neutral source. This is even more true when it comes to a tool as important from a security point of view as a facial recognition device.

Testing from the iBeta lab allows consumers to trust the product without having to conduct resource and time consuming tests themselves.

VisionPass resists fraud

For the company, the main objective of such a test is to prove that its facial recognition device is resistant to the most common frauds in this area of ​​security. It is therefore a matter of proving that the device cannot be fooled by wearing a mask, even if it has been 3D printed to represent the face of an authenticated user, or by the presentation of a user’s picture, printed on a piece of paper or directly from the screen of a smartphone for example.

IDEMIA confirms its leadership position in digital security

By presenting on the market the first device to achieve a perfect score in the level 1 and 2 tests of the iBeta laboratory, the company confirms its position of strength in the digital security market. Such results prove the firm’s mastery in the fields of biometric algorithms, cryptography and on-board security.