Article 12 : Nouveauté : prise en compte des QR Code pour l'identification des visiteurs sur les deux lecteurs biométriques sans contact MorphoWave & VisionPass

As a professional, you must not stay on the sidelines of new tools intended to make your business more efficient. Today, biometric readers are at the heart of the surveillance systems of all companies. Check out the two IDEMIA models with new functionality below.

Why choose one of IDEMIA’s new biometric products?

All businesses face several security and hospitality management challenges. New models of IDEMIA biometric readers offer more features with better performance and excellent speed. They are both capable of easily reading QR-type codes, in order to identify and optimally manage visitors who come to your premises. They thus represent an undeniable advance in the world of biometrics.

VisionPass: the new terminal that does not lack performance

This new facial recognition reader inevitably ensures the safety of any business premises. Indeed, it is able to capture and identify faces in less than a second. In other words, the identification work is almost instantaneous, regardless of the light conditions. It is a rugged and compact reader, designed to meet the demands of users. It merges the brand’s latest advances in AI and devices for processing infrared, 2D and even 3D images.

MorphoWave Compact: a concentrated technology

This has the ability to cope with an environment with heavy traffic. Indeed, it is not necessary to mark a downtime during the biometric control, which makes it possible to control a large flow of people while maintaining a high level of security. In addition to offering the advantages of its predecessor and more, this model is also more efficient and lighter.

The MorphoWave Compact is also able to take into account QR Codes for the identification of visitors. This opens up interesting prospects and many applications will naturally result from it.

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