Article-11 : Pourquoi choisir les produits IDEMIA?

Why choose IDEMIA’s products?

With technological advance, things are accelerating more and more in the digital world. That said, securing identity has become a top priority at this time. The products of the world leader in Augmented Identity, IDEMIA, meet these priorities.

What is biometrics?

To fight against fraud, identity theft or cybercrime, new technologies are deployed. Among these technologies, biometrics appears as the most reliable for identifying people, according to their biological characteristics. In fact, it is a science that analyses the physical characteristics or behaviours of each person in order to authenticate their identity.

In simple words, it is the measure of the human body.

What are its advantages?

Biometric techniques are used in various sectors: forensic identification, access control and administration, identity management, whether in the public or private sector.

Its efficiency is also linked to computer science. So, the data recorded in the files makes it possible to quickly identify the person and this guarantees both the safety and the comfort of the individual. Among the techniques offered, there are biometric readers, which are based on facial, retinal or digital recognition.

Why choose IDEMIA?

A trusted identity is the basis of the foundation of a pleasant world. So, by relying on strong technical expertise, IDEMIA improves the safety of people in all areas. It is the world leader in augmented identity.

Controlling borders, managing passenger flows, increasing security while reducing staff and passenger waiting times, these are the ambitions of the world leader IDEMIA.

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