Morpho Integrator’s Kit (MIK)

Software Kit Development for integration of biometrics into PC applications


Morpho Integrator’s Kit (MIK) is a software development kit allowing integrator partners to embed the best of biometrics in their own access control devices, time attendance or any other application requiring an identity recognition .

Those development tools offer a variety of  ready to integrate components for enrollment (with MorphoSmart sensors), encoding cards, user recognition and management of MorphoAccess biometric devices.

These SDK distributed by Idemia (ex.Safran Morpho) enable to boost the performance of existing access control and  time and attendance devices

MIK detailled product sheet information

Key points of Morpho’s Integrators Kit:

  • Enrollment : Fingerprint / multimodal finger vein and fingerprint technology high quality
  • Encoding card compatible with most of contactless technology you cand find on the market
  • Administrations of all  MorphoAccess and MorphoSmart devices
  • Internal algorithms FIPS and MINEX

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