Capot de protection pour MorphoAccess Sigma Lite

Even though you have a high-quality biometric reader, robust and so, it’s always better to protect the device in order to extend its life to its maximum.

This is the reason why we have designed customized protection for each one of our biometric readers.

All these readers can be supplied with a stainless protection of high quality, made in France.

In our accessories’ range, there’s also spacers (Sigma Lite, Morphowave Compact), its use allows a clean and more professional environment by hiding reader’s cables.

In addition, it exists for MorphoWave Compact a stainless pedestal, designed specially to receive the contactless device and convert it into a tower. This improve the user experience whilst using the device because of its ergonomic height.

At last, for demonstrations and showrooms, or simply to enroll staff in your office, the MorphoTablet and the Sigma Lite can be fixed onto a desk support/docking station.

Pied pour Morphowave

IDEMIA received the award of Global Biometrics Company of Year for 2019 promoted by Frost & Sullivan Company. The leader in augmented identity has its positions reaffirmed by one of the biggest agencies for identification, analysis, and monitoring of new emerging technologies and markets. Frost & Sullivans final decision was boosted by IDEMIA’s anti-spoofing capabilities and systems.

The MorphoWave Compact (MWC), the F.CODE smart card, and the OneLook multimodal capture device stood out of Idemia’s range, considered as highlights. The MWC is an access control device that uses contactless biometric technology to scan users’ fingerprints. The solution had last year, 2019, an Artificial Intelligence upgrade, becoming faster and even more precise.

F.CODE Smart Card is another innovative solution, in which there’s a fingerprint sensor built-in. Thus, instead of using PIN code for payment authentication, you’re invited to use your fingerprint. This technology deployed on JCB Cards was awarded twice at Cards and Electronic Payments International Asia (CEPI) Summit. ONELOOK solution is a multimodal biometric device: It can handle both face and iris recognition. The solution passed all NIST testing performed with excellence, also during the Biometric Technology Rally.

“IDEMIA supports its channel partners through the entire sales and product lifecycle,” affirms Ram Ravi, a Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst. “Overall, its industry-leading technology, unrivaled customer support, and next-generation innovations earn IDEMIA an eminent position in the global biometrics market.”

Another great solution exalted by Frost & Sullivan was the Augmented Vision Technology. The monitoring solution is capable to analyze metadata with high accuracy of complex environments. By far, the best surveillance solution. Augmented Vision received the award of Best Practices in the industry.

The awards were handed out by Frost & Sullivan and they are selected by top industry analysts who evaluate the companies based on : Innovation, customer service and overall performance. IDEMIA revealed at the occasion that it will soon be providing a biometric identity for the citizens of Morocco. The company in a partnership with INTERPOL will provide training on document security.


IDEMIA, world leader in biometrics will attend a booth in Intersec, starting January 19th.

A good opportunity to discover all range of products, Access & Time, mobile solution, latest contactless device, Morphowave Compact.

Fingerprint scanning, and documents authentication solutions will also be presented.